A simple method of freckle, but also you have delicate white face, let you no longer do freckles

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A simple method of freckle, but also you have delicate white face, let you no longer do freckles

2016-07-21 02:14:16 401 ℃

Internal elements

1, pressure:

When a person is under pressure, it will discharge adrenaline, to withstand the pressure of the preparation. If you have been under pressure for a long time, the balance of the body's metabolism will be damaged, the supply of nutrients required for the skin tends to slow, the mother will become very active pigment.

2, hormone excretion disorders:

Contraceptives in the female hormone estrogen, excretion of melanin cells constitute uneven mottled, constituted by contraceptive mottled, although to discontinue their medication will stop, but still stay on the skin for a long time.

3, the new slow:

Liver function is not normal or ovarian function decline will appear spot. Because the new is not smooth, or endocrine disorders in the body is in a state of sensitivity, so that the question of increased pigmentation. Constipation can be composed of spots, which is the endocrine disorders caused by allergic constitution and constitute. When the body is not normal, the ultraviolet light will accelerate the composition of the spot.

4, the fault of the use of cosmetics:

Use is not suitable for skin cosmetics, cause skin allergy, in the healing process such as excessive shine to ultraviolet, the skin will to resist external damage, at the site of inflammation collection of melanin, so will appear pigmentation of doubt.

External factors

1, uv:

When the shining of ultraviolet ray, the body in order to maintain the skin, many will occur in the basal layer of melanin pigment. So in order to maintain the skin will be more sensitive parts of the collection of more pigment. Often nudity in the fierce sun not only promote the skin aging, but also lead to black and mottled pigmentation of skin diseases.

2, bad cleaning habits:

Because of intense cleansing habits so that the skin becomes sensitive, so it will affect the skin from a. When the sensitive skin, human in order to maintain the skin, melanocytes will waste a lot of melanin pigment, when pigment surplus presented spots, blemishes and other skin pigmentation of doubt.

3, genetic:








Melon freckle

Peel the melon seed puree, static deposited about 20 minutes. Effect: clean skin, clear pores within the dirt, dilute the stain, useful to improve dull complexion.


Vinegar egg Whitening Mask

Choose an egg and a week in full strength white vinegar bubble, egg lit become big time taken out, the egg with a needle puncture and the egg poured into a prepared in the bottle can be. Usage: every night after washing the face, the egg white on the face, such as dry through the wash out on it.


Fresh Carrot Juice

Will fresh carrot crush Ji Zhi, take 10 ml to 30 ml, daily sooner or later, after washing the face, pat the face with the juice, to be dry after coating with vegetable oil pat of the face. In addition, the daily drink 1 cups of carrot juice also has speckle effect. Carrots are rich in carotene, carotene in the body can be converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A has a smooth, healthy skin effect, can prevent and cure the skin rough and mottled.


Tomato juice

Drink 1 cups of tomato juice or eat tomatoes every day, to control the mottled have better effect. Because tomatoes are rich in glutathione. Glutathione can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, so that the calm of the pigment decreased or not.


Egg cream

Vinegar and egg: take a fresh egg, wash Kaigan, soaking in 500 ml of vinegar in a month is excellent. When the egg shell is dissolved in the vinegar solution, take a small spoon solution mixed with a cup of boiling water, mixing after taking a cup every day. Long time use of vinegar, can make the skin smooth, clean the face all the spots.


Watermelon skin freckle - speckle replenishment calm

Method 1: use watermelon skin to rub the face, a few minutes later, and then wash with water can be. A long time, can make facial skin become white and delicate.

Method 2: watermelon rind chilled can calm and heal skin sunburn, often use will have a significant whitening effect.

Method 3: the party clean watermelon skin with a sharp knife cutting into two mm slice thickness. Massage facial skin with soothing calm moisturizing effect gently with the rind.

Method 4: prepare a watermelon, wash clean and remove the peel, and then dig under patches of white. Will be affixed to the face of the mottled mottled parts, about 5 minutes to replace a new watermelon skin, a total of four times, and then washed clean with water.

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