Elder sister is too God! Jolin Jolin rate Queen's majesty sugar team to reproduce the perfect reality

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Elder sister is too God! Jolin Jolin rate Queen's majesty sugar team to reproduce the perfect reality

2016-07-23 00:44:38 427 ℃

Artist Jolin Jolin turn the sugar cake more play! After the chocolate roast suckling pig, flying unicorn, the challenge of reality proportion of white yarn wedding cake, perfectly reproduce the British Queen Elizabeth II in 1947 the royal wedding.

The early three months ago already booked in advance of the real proportion of cake, with Queen Elizabeth II's wedding as a template, Queen's wedding with ivory white silk, silver embroidered tulle and more than 10000 pieces of Pearl composition show Royal hundred years passed the noble demeanor.

Jolin and team spent a month time build, change these gorgeous totem for fondant art, dedicated to the bride's wedding gifts. White yarn wedding cake in activities of a genius by Jolin and team approach to complete the assembly, including the bride on the face and neck are directly on the spot color, the wedding on the stars decorate and pearl is also at the scene to decorate go up, and the whole assembly process originally expected to spend 8 hours, but Jolin and team ahead of schedule, only to spend the 6 hours early completion.

As long as the input is determined to do the best Jolin, since with friends founded Your Majesty Queen Fondant Cake brand, continue to study various advanced production techniques, even went to the cake decorative border town of Britain, in the annual festival cake international show won the silver medal.

Body is the creative director of Jolin, by the 19th century British Queen Victoria's wedding, Royal chef from all the candy making unique cake moved, the world first a three-tier wedding cake is a source of inspiration for your Majesty- queen series of wedding cake.

Jolin and technical director Peggy hope through costly bright design, combined with a variety of sugar flower craft exquisite design skills, such as turning the sugar, sugar, sugar, chocolate, plastic and so on, for every wedding create a work of art, as a gift to each a successful combination of the eternal blessing, who believe in an important moment in life, you can bring happiness to anyone with a cake.