PS can match makeup, makeup Korean Xifeng stunning contrast

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PS can match makeup, makeup Korean Xifeng stunning contrast

2016-07-23 00:44:44 423 ℃

Beauty is human nature, God gives you close a door will be for you to open a window, he may give you the wisdom of the brain but will rob you of your innate beauty, but it also has what relation, you can use wisdom to create beauty!

South Korean Panmei half day lose face - eyes magnified the importance of surgery and cosmetic, although in the end is not particularly sophisticated, but really contrast. Together to see this gorgeous transformation!

First to a picture, you feel it! Small series that P I can not PS this effect!

This amazing makeup is how come? Sure it's not a mask? In the end is how to draw, in order to do the eyes have the original two times larger, facial features like a person? So cattle makeup of course to take out and share with you!First posted double fold. Double fold must be in the makeup before the paste, or very affect the viscosity of the!

Tu liquid foundation. The girl with the same amount of paint, coating thickness. Small tips: if you use a concealer liquid foundation, we must do a good job moisturizing and backing, or will be very dry!If there is no like to make up the eyebrows. In the first part of the eye pencil from the start painted frame, then coloring, part of the first white eyebrows.
Finally, brush and brush evenly.
Eye shadow in the upper eyelid and lower part of the base end of eye smear
Use the liner to draw the inside of the lash line.
The corner of the eye must be painted out, this has the effect of opening the corner of the eye.

Eye tail stretched at least 1.5 cm, while painting out of the fake eyes, which did not learn to paint is really difficult ah!

Use a black eyeliner Eyeliner painted in bold was good.
False eyelash is a tool with essential makeup eyes, eyes immediately after doubling.
On the cover girl, a little fat, in order to make some small hairdressing can face significant under the relentless hand! Xiu Rong cream painted eyebrows and cheekbones, mandibular angle and nose position.
Smear evenly and then brush it with a brush.

Finally, another classic bite lips. Xiao Bian here to share a lip biting draw seven word mantra, "eight hundred pacesetter rush north slope, does not believe you to try, absolutely can blooming well!

Finally, to look at the left and right contrast, it is cosmetic grade makeup!