Do not throw old clothes, beautiful women to transform the old clothes into this effect, you can not think of the effect

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Do not throw old clothes, beautiful women to transform the old clothes into this effect, you can not think of the effect

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So this thick black dress will look very old-fashioned! Click two knife moment ~ western style

Keep the high side and low cut skirt

Under the skirt length, cut a piece of white cloth, sewn in skirts.

Supercapacitors good a few years ago to wear black or small floral skirt, along the side of the cut out an arc is now the most popular before after a short dress! Not only the fashion also show legs long ~.

With a word collar shirt, immediately on the fashion from the fan

We cut a few knife into a new dress ~ super fit to travel through time Oh


You look like a grandmother wearing a vintage shirt dress, the collar cut, and anti - wear, instantly become big.





Cut the sleeves

You big old shirt sleeves cut is retro coat.

As shown in the figure, cut off the sleeves of both sides.

Cuffs remember to close

With his sleeve extra cloth cut a thin, through the collar do tie, make a beautiful bow ~ finish

Cut collar

We put part of the hollow boring black shirt under the neck, suddenly become particularly feminine.

We wore baggy T-shirt after cutting is like new clothes just back from the store!

Cut along the neckline, front left a small ring

Do some decoration in the collar place, complete ~

If you think too much trouble, can also be seen across the board! Hypertrophy of the T shirt is a sexy word collar shirt

We of course there are many creative cut, all rely on the imagination.

Cut hem

You click four knives, a red T-shirt becomes fresh fashion vest ~ knot more beautiful ~

We don't wear plain black T-shirt after cutting into street beat up people rushing to wear the collar T-shirt ~ tassel

The line with a pencil and a ruler to draw and cut out the tassels with scissors.

Then cut the collar, do not cut too wide Oh, or easy to fall off.


If you feel so too exposed, can also be compiled ~ tassel





We have to wear the old old trousers to go out to do? Shear! Draw lines with a round cap, and then cut open, it becomes the lotus leaf edge shorts

You can also change into jeans denim skirt Oh ~ first pants cut after cut legs along the seam

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