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Cool beauty sexy fashion, beauty and neat!

2016-07-23 00:48:38 400 ℃

In such a brilliant season of passion, do a cool beauty is the kingly way, no sleeve dress design is capable and neat, bare bingjiyufu sweet shoulder, very sexy

A sweet temperament dress, classic stripes, it is the feeling of summer, fashion V collar design, show the sexy collarbone, good modified neck congenital mellow

A simple version of the all-match T-shirt dress and relaxed atmosphere, chest red and blue Monogrammed embellishment, youthful Fan Shizu

Concise fashion a two - piece dress, simple striped long t skirt paired with a flash little cowboy sling, wear very personality fan

Color and style are very echoed in the overall sense of the package is very strong, with this year's popular white shoes or sandals, it is suitable for a relaxed travel out of it

Minimalist style Jumpsuit t skirt, the English letters before the bosom, with simple solid body, with the shoulder design, highlights the unique taste

Beautiful and not a single, two pockets, practical and convenient leisure ~ age collocation fresh upper body, a pair of sports shoes on the OK.

The collar design, more elongated neck lines revealing slender clavicle, sexy cute, dating holiday section


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