Michelle Chen Wedding 3 released! Tiffany Xu temperament with bursting with long legs

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Michelle Chen Wedding 3 released! Tiffany Xu temperament with bursting with long legs

2016-07-23 00:48:47 350 ℃

Rongrong Zhang sexy Strapless

According to Taiwan media reports, Chen, Michelle Chen 21 in the evening at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel held mothering feast, about 300 guests arrived at the scene, which Rainie Yang, Xu Weining, Janice, Simon yam, Ren Rong Xuan and stars Ruizhi contains Megan, nine knife and others are the scene one after another, the field star light shining! Bride chenyanxi single handedly taipei wedding. Boys wear provisions "black line". And the girls provisions to wear pink, white, beautiful wedding march released!!


Tiffany Xu tied up romantic package head, wearing a waist pink coloured dress, although wrap tightly but under a skirt to reveal a pair of guards long legs, like goddess Xianqi full marks; Ren Rongxuan wears a cheongsam collar skirt, pink color is improved dress and her head long hair shawl, with a deep pink handbag, beautiful and lively. And Zhang Rongrong full of personality the United States, inclined shoulder Heye Bian small dress revealing the fragrant shoulder clavicle, pants to trousers in mediating sexy, show mature whims.

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