2 super simple ligation in straight steps, just twist is good!

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2 super simple ligation in straight steps, just twist is good!

2016-07-23 00:50:36 307 ℃

Straight hair, the biggest feature is simple and generous, can make women look more pure and lovely, but the drawback is the long straight hair is difficult to conjure up a lot of variety, many to stay long straight hair of girls have such problems, complaisant straight hair hairstyle how bar was nice?? in many complex tie hair in, some even nice we can hardly bother to create. Today, let Xiaobian teach you two super simple straight the ligation step.

First paragraph

In the first step, the hair is divided into two parts according to the limit of the ear, and the upper part of the hair is fixed with the shape clip first.

The second step, the hair smooth, upside down hand twist into a bun.

The third step, with the black hair fixed hairpin.

The fourth step, using the same method to complete the above special hair hair, fixed with black hair.

A very simple simple ligation in long straight hair is complete, try it together.

Second models

The first step, comb the hair smooth.

The second step, with the hair curler into a lock of a lock are rolled into wavy curls.

The third step, with the hand to sort out the hair fluffy.

The fourth step, with a low ponytail in the ear after position.

The fifth step, remove the hair from the ponytail wrapped rubber band, secured with a small hairpin.

A simple and elegant temperament with female hair tied hairstyle is finished, the beauty of you have to try.

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