Do you think you have a lump on your face? In fact, their many kinds of way!

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Do you think you have a lump on your face? In fact, their many kinds of way!

2016-07-23 00:53:43 330 ℃

A lot of younger sister paper, in the mirror or useful to touch the face when found in the face of some small knots, it will be particularly irritable.

Oh... How long acne, and good annoying!

Do not know if you have not thought maybe it is not acne, but something else? Today, small make up for everyone to share a close, the face of those little knots, in the end what is!

The following figure high energy, good psychological preparation

This is known as acne, and every time you stay up late, after eating spicy, chin forehead is very easy to grow out. In fact, acne and acne can basically be divided into a class, because they appear to be due to the reasons are due to inflammation of the hair follicle sebaceous glands Oh, but some of the hair follicles are blocked, so will form a acne.

As now the summer, and the skin susceptible to oil, if did not do a good job cleaning, oil residue in the face will adsorption dust lead to acne and acne appear, so remove it or to replenishment oil control, anti-inflammatory acne mainly oh

High energy early warning second bullet

The little a knot in one's heart, usually appear in the eyelid area, feeling it, is the size of the tip, a bead, if according to the mirror on the particularly close will see such things as beneath his eyes, this is belongs to Zhifang Li oh

Eye skin is always the weakest part of the our facial skin, so lock water capacity is poor if you normally use skin care products don't pay attention to a point, rub their eyes to the, then it is easy to because nutrient accumulation appears Zhifang Li oh

To improve the Zhifang Li, you can choose some refreshing eye care products, eye gel like, for instance, in mix together to promote the blood circulation of the eye products, will slowly fall off Oh, do not cheap to use acne needle like pick out.

High energy early warning third bullet

Oh, this thing looks like Zhifang Li like, but in fact, the type is completely different, this is the flat wart, verruca plana may be generally considered to be Zhifang Li, but in fact it with virus infection related, usually appear in some young people, not only is the eye, face, back of the hand and the like, usually there will be itching feeling, and is contagious.

Flat wart with skin care means is no way to completely remove, can only use the laser, or frozen treatment with some antiviral drugs to treat.

High energy early warning fourth bullet

This is to belong to the fat particles, with acne, very similar to Oh, generally appear on the cheeks, superficial, also crowded out bald, it appears that the reason with acne completely different, it is because caused by water and oil in the skin metabolism, generally are with your skin care measures relevant, for example within the skin is very dry, also choose some very oily skin care products, leading to the accumulation of local skin nutrition, or is difficult to adjust and fat particles will appear oh

The way to improve oil particles is actually relatively simple, as long as you choose a gentle and refreshing replenishment of skin care products, and then adhere to a period of time, the oil particles will slowly fade.