Fanatic confession contributed money, you look at Supreme, he did what is it?

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Fanatic confession contributed money, you look at Supreme, he did what is it?

2016-07-23 00:53:50 399 ℃

What attracts you to always buy Supreme?

Heard a lot of people that do not know the supreme what charm, a white tee printed logo can attract everyone berserk, the influx of a personal hand a.

From the ordinary students to the big stars have the upper body, everyone became its dead loyal powder.

Every time a new offering, door certainly long queues, crazy fans crowded around the shop.

Even around even a humble little things, put on the red coat are invaluable as endowed with magical powers, you can do only to buy!

This is a huge business opportunities, businesses are certainly not let go, resulting in a large number of purchasing and cottage. There are fans with a bright treasure said the water is too deep, dare not buy at the top.

Supreme love you have imagined you can go all over the world every Supreme store?

David Shapiro Supreme is the depth of each idiotic powder, Supreme went to the United States and Japan and the UK and other places. The price of each piece of clothes and materials are well aware of, or even spend the $15000 to buy what looks meaningless things. He doesn't think these things are very good, and even feel that most of the clothes are very embarrassing to wear.

The above content from Shapiro David wrote a semi autobiographical novel "Supremacist", in addition to the same name as the owner of the text, the author himself is also a fan of Supreme. He had spent 3 weeks to go all over the Supreme of each store, when the Paris store has not yet opened.

The cover of the novel "Supremacist"

In addition to this novel, the writer who lives in New York is also the founder of the music blog Reviews Reviews Pitchfork, while writing for the "New York Times" and the "New York off" magazine.

But the authors said wrote this novel is not simply about a brain powder to buy, buy, buy, he said oneself is a can not control the brain powder, hoping to write this book can let him out of the brain powder, more of your own to explore it.

The book also shows a lot of single Supreme Polaroid photo.

This book has been on the market this month, 5, if you are interested in it, there is still a way to buy.

Bright in the Amazon saw this book, for the price of RMB 95.1, but have to wait for 1 to 2 months before shipping, etc. than can be a treasure to undo.

Amazon on the only one buyer comments, and played out of 5 stars, it seems that is a fanatical powder Supreme.

Curve Wrecker to write Supreme,

What can we learn to do?

Continue to contribute to it. To note

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