Summer fun metrosexual man teach you how to quickly learn bangs!

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Summer fun metrosexual man teach you how to quickly learn bangs!

2016-07-21 02:14:20 455 ℃

-Abstract -

  • You don't fit with bangs?

  • What kind of bangs are very popular?

Good friends always!It is said that there are three kinds of people in this world:No man bangs,Liu man,And cut people ~ and bangs

If you want to get to a type of bangs tangled? The handsome styling bangs in addition to let you look young for a few years, but also gives a refreshing feeling, handsome. Today Xiaobian to all men the favorability burst table bangs modelling, choose a suitable browser makes for a new image!

You don't fit with bangs


The slender face (V)

Short and wide face (X)

Because Liu Haihui cover the forehead, the rest of the face will appear short and wide, so the bangs for slender face. For short and wide faces of people, the face will make the face shorter, as the forehead more refreshing dew.


The top half of the face look good(X)

The lower half of the face look good(V)

The first half of the face look good, you do not have to stay in the face, to show his forehead, so that the visual focus will be to move up to a more dominant half of the face. And in the second half face look good, fit bangs, cover the forehead, it will move to the visual center is the advantage of half face.

What is the most popular kind of bangs

The first step is to cut a refreshing summer refreshing short hair. If you want to cool, all kinds of fancy bangs is absolutely indispensable.

Barb bangs

What is the # "barb" bangs? #

"Barb" bangs, as the name suggests, is the comb like upside down hook shaped bangs.

In fact, it is also considered a kind of oil, but did not completely comb it, but in the face side of the point of the hair down.

But "barb" bangs will look softer than oil, but also can be modified under the outline.

Like a reverse hook bangs, it will be hair by 8:2 boundaries, the partial to that side of the multiple hair tail curved into C shape, and then cast a wax or clay, hair as far as possible to the side of wiping. Finally, in the Liu formation a small radian. Like a bracket, Qi Qi falls on the eyebrow:

Specific steps are: after shampooing the hair dryer and on the finger wipe some hair gel, in the hand rub evenly after, his hands into the hair in the wanton crawl, first as a whole hair to create a certain Peng degrees.

Then, the hair 28 points, in line with the hair or hair stick to the forehead bangs a C font.

Undercut bangs with the prototype, and then wipe some wax, spray on the spray shape reinforced molding, with your fingers will tail kneading more type.

Korean thick bangs

Flat bangs just cover on the brow of that age 5 years old appearance is declining, the whole people look younger! Compared to the previous will stick to his forehead and dull flat bangs, now the popular trend is the "fluffy" and "refreshing" feeling

Similar to air bangs, but not entirely so sparse bangs appear disorderly puff modeling, neither sticky in the forehead instead of oil absorbing tissues help you oil, looks more clean and young.

On the fringe

This year the most popular oil head shape is will all hair comb round after, the entire forehead publicly, although this hairstyle for faces a long or wide forehead quite suffer, but sportsman who still unabated to comb hair love!

National Ou Ba Jin Xiuxian comb fringe shape, compared to in "from the stars you" Zhongping bangs modelling, this let him look more mature.

In Liu

In the split is really a let people love and hate hair, first of all, it is a big trend of today's hot, but a little careless, you will be able to expose the shortcomings of their own face. In other words, the main points to see the face!

Do not have a short hair, do not too long!Boys hair is not long to stay in the points more difficult, too short will become three fat hair, too long and will become very feminine:

Length reference:On both sides of the hair can be cut short, middle long.

Cap bangs

Freaknhot, accidentally falling out of oil, hair out, a hat is your savior! Is not what Liu Haiwang is caught, which side to catch more fluffy, as long as all the hair all hide into the hat on!

Completely relaxed hair, cap, baseball cap and can increase the overall shape is premium accessories decorative details, but also to prevent the sun to heat, how affordable, real take handsome god single product ah!

Even if you have experienced strenuous exercise, hair is oily and greasy, a hat can let you sleep without any anxiety.