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There | yiyanbuge HIPHOP DOK2& Quiett The!

2016-07-23 00:54:14 456 ℃

& Bobby final four link "adaptation"; "hip hop" praise burst!


- Records Illionaire-

# three HIPHOP industry rich handsome!

RAP Genius: Dok2

South Korea is a country of a popular hip hop, in which there is no lack of strength rap countless, but can as a genius, but very few, dok2 is a few people in a "aggressive rap" genius.

Dok2 was born in 1990 at the age of 12 has been his debut to show his extraordinary talent, 15 years of age and microdot through the Mnet of a new training program consisting of BLACK ALL. Embarked on a South Korean HIPHOP leader on the road.

# young period Dok2,

# has HIPHOP flavor!

21 years of age andQuiett TheAnd others founded the companyRecords Illionaire -Age gently has a rap Kingdom, coupled with its own strong strength in the hip-pop sector has aGenius rapperThe title!

A word not just to show off their wealth!

#Dok2 can be said to be South Korea's richest rapper, why not?

# yes, these are his car, a word not just to show off!

#rap lyrics also domineering wealth!

A few tickets # this smelly shameless when a large number of grass root!

Two words are not on the show!

Dok2's tide cap is very much, for the height of his lack of the cap is essential equipment!

Own company's tidal cap & clothing: Illionaire

# hip hop baseball cap is Dok2's favorite.

# line cap, knitted hat

Pugh # baseball cap

# red baseball cap

# I no matter, I want the United States and the United States!!!

# to tell the truth, many people have Illionaire hat friends sought,

Where to go to South Korea will be on behalf of the!

Three is not significant strength!

In me the money3 Bobby led the show to win the championship of the strong producer, as well as with the YG producer Wu& Bobby; Mama in Hongkong Masta awards ceremony on the performance of "here come", all show its rap powerful strength!

Rich, handsome, rap is still very cock, this is not a minute torture Wang?!

More than that, the brother also very fashionable!

# body tattoo at least 30!

# rare YG Kusu to a Meng Meng Da evaluation!

Perfect producer:Quiett The

Finish saying genius rapper:Dok2, and then his partner with the company:Quiett The.

Uncle Q is one of Korea's rapper witch most love the natural unique voice let rap with elongated sense.

At the same time he has a very high popularity in Korea underground, with the same is rapperDok2,BeenzinoBuild Records 1llionaire Korea HipHop economic corporation.

Strength producer! Uncle Q

#Q's uncle and the axe elder brother continuous play me the money3& show; 5!

King full of gas!

Q T to its special singing and view the irony of social phenomena in place of well written into the rap lyrics and famous, published the Q train album once won the 4th South Korean pop music award for best hiphop album award.

Uncle Q is always on the side of a goat's beard &!

Melancholy temperament

Domineering lyrics

Handsome gesture!

In Korea by hiphop lovers love!

Low profile but very damp!

All know that Dok2 is very grandiose tide,

Q uncle with his standing together slightly low-key,


Uncle Q is the real low-key trendsetter!

Only loveGivenchy!

Givenchy's sweater, "Taobao purchasing price" are 4000!

Givenchy series of flame, witch hurts around the store

The ordinary sweater edition to 4900. Hey, are Yinpiao..!

Givenchy star grain leather jacket, to $3000 from yo!

The fuck what!

Neil Barrett B of a series of lightning cock

Versace gold ring $395 pre tax! Pre tax!

Coat: Givenchy rose denim jacket

Belt: Gucci

Shoes: AJ is on behalf of the series (because can not see the shoes can not be judged by the body of the first generation)

For uncle Q, tens of thousands of pieces of LV is child's play

Q's white pet, Benz SLS level car!

Hey... Minutes handsome face!

A word is not enough on the 2 HIPHOP group handsome?

Like their friends, please continue to pay attention to!

Responsive next egg: elderly disco T.O.P!!!

Their rich handsome partner Beenzino another time.

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