The beauty of the 10 | with hyaluronic acid skin artifact, what are you doing Shuiguang needle

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The beauty of the 10 | with hyaluronic acid skin artifact, what are you doing Shuiguang needle

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Now a Shuiguang needle as a semi permanent, have become homely food, but blindly follow the trend really good? In fact, there are a lot of people all don't know, amidst the needle in the end is how to return a responsibility, today we are going to share a Shuiguang needle common sense and favorably to those medical beauty effect of skin care products!

The effect of water needle

When Shuiguang needle into the dermis, hydration and cells, and promote blood circulation and skin of nutrient absorption. But will also continue to be diluted and absorption, when the injection of hyaluronic acid absorbed by the body after and re injection of a Shuiguang needle to maintain.

What skin is not suitable for playing water needle

No matter how high technology, is not entirely suitable for all people. Shuiguang needle effect is on the one hand, after the repair will be the best guarantee. Shuiguang needle slightly stimulate the skin damage and skin damage self protective barrier, but also cause minor traumatic inflammation. If your skin is healthy, you don't have to worry about it. But if you are a sensitive skin, or self-healing ability is very fragile, it will appear after the operation is very difficult to fade signs of redness.

Injection and skin care products of hyaluronic acid are different

Although there are hyaluronic acid, but micro plastic into skin, injection of hyaluronic acid and skin care products contain hyaluronic acid is different. Injected into the body of hyaluronic acid liquid, and skin tissue after fusion is equivalent to the hyaluronic acid reinforced for injection longer preservation of hyaluronic acid in the body.

Why is the skin care products containing hyaluronic acid will rub mud

Because hyaluronic acid is a macromolecule, excessive use or improper means it is easy to rub mud. So the proposal contains hyaluronic acid in the use of the composition of skin care products, use the method of pressing on.


GIORGIO ARMANI Armani light key new muscle soft Hydra cream

Price: $680/50ml

You are not wrong, new light key new series price is so close to the muscle! This cream can be 24 hours long lasting moisturizing, which is due to the patented formula and unique production process. Dense texture in 45 degree heat rapidly into liquid, penetrate the skin. Active factor cream rich moisturizing effect and abundance, "liquid lens technology to help skin maintain lasting natural shine.

Estee Lauder Estee Lauder muscle penetration mask cream honey

Price: $680/30ml

It is your cream bestie! After the essence of a step, or directly into the cream. The new upgrade of the essence of the repair force, accelerate the clear fade invisible damage, but also significantly push up the skin moisture degree.

LA MER La Mer cream

Price: $1450/30ml

The tentacle luxury texture, can penetrate the skin bottom, nourishing and strengthening skin. With brand soul the magical ingredient active essence (miracle broth) metamorphosis into the dense cream, such as ice cream like soft and comfortable texture, make skin moist and compaction, fine lines and wrinkles can be improved.

Guerlain France Guerlain Whitening Night Cream

Price: $1100/30ml

But it is lack of sleep tired muscle emergency small magic yo! Long-term lack of sleep will make the skin dull and rough, night whitening cream containing improve skin luster formula, designed for tired skin customization, like wiping the face of beauty sleep.

SK-II skin care cream (Fairy water)

Price: $1180/160ml

Fairy water word of mouth not to say it! Contains 90% natural extracts Pitera, which is a found in more than 30 years ago and has been used in the magic ingredients. Only 14 days, the skin will be able to obtain a significant improvement and upgrade, become more compact and smooth, crystal clear.

A.H.C B5, hyaluronic acid gel hydration moisturizing liquid

Price: $350/30ml

This is a cream that can be used in any skin, including pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. It can be deep replenishment, to ease the sensitive skin, leaving dry skin peeling dry skin.

PTR Petrov hyaluronic acid moisturizing essence

Price: $570/30ml

This essence does not contain spices, contains 75% high concentrations of hyaluronic acid moisturizing essence, long-term supply of water to lock the water at the same time provide protection. Long term use to restore skin elasticity and moisture.

DR.WU hyaluronic acid moisturizing essence

Price: $470/30ml

The all new 3rd generation hyaluronic acid moisturizing formula, the perfect combination of hyaluronic acid excitation factor, so that the skin surface to form a watertight contact water molecules omentum firmly lock the water, to prevent moisture loss. Containing high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and collagen can be powerful moisturizing, keep skin healthy and transparent.

NARUKO cattle concentrated her rook multiple hyaluronic acid essence

Price: $335/30ml

This is a hyaluronic acid essence very awesome ace single product, large molecules of hyaluronic acid rich in high purity, high concentration and high unit, have excellent catch ability, help the skin from the inside layers of water, rapid increase in water content.

FOR BELOVED ONE in favor of one extreme moisturizing hyaluronic acid essence

Price: $570/30ml

The essence of the texture is a bit thick, suitable for dry skin. Exclusive innovative composite infiltrated by water science and technology, combined with hyaluronic acid molecular size and water locking factors, micron osmotic invasion of the underlying muscle, firmly lock in moisture, so that the skin is the most perfect moisturizing system.

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