42 year old aunt chat freckle, three months time, the skin age from 42 to 24 years old!

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42 year old aunt chat freckle, three months time, the skin age from 42 to 24 years old!

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Fellow small partners is not due to the intense summer sun intense ultraviolet rays and feel uncomfortable? Summer is the season of the simple long spot, as the grow in quantity of ultraviolet, ultraviolet radiation will activate melanin mother cells, tyrosine enzyme, followed by new cells constantly updated goes to the skin surface, overnight pigment accumulation will constitute a dot

Splash, it is finger and the surrounding skin color different spots, is due to the increase in the black skin and the formation of a common, brown live melanin pigmentation, damage tolerance skin disease, mostly occurs in the cheeks and forehead, through exposure to aggravate, more common in women, in Chen pregnancy, menstrual disorders

See, however, these spots is not to say that there is no way to treat, as long as the nurse will intend not to surprise, however busy blindly care, is certainly not a little effect, and may aggravate our skin problems, so no matter what, have to care, to our hero, originally all over the face of the spots, leading to their own very not self-confident, serious influence to the life and work, but a few months after meeting her, found her face spots has slowly subsided, it also let her very pleasantly surprised, because every night to use it

Black plum egg mask:

Material Science:Black plum, egg white

Making method:The black plum to the kernel and peel grinding in egg white, together, mixing evenly, after cleansing, the ready mixed liquid evenly correction on the skin of the face, the second day morning and then rinse off with clear water

Effect:Stick to it can dilute the mottled, wrinkle speckle

Old duck pot:

Material Science:Raw glutinous rice 40 grams, 20 grams of yam, Chinese wolfberry fruit 10 grams, old duck, onion, ginger, rice wine, salt, monosodium glutamate

Making method:Old duck slaughter to hair, splanchnic, abluent, cut into small pieces, into the boiling water, Billy to bloody, glutinous rehmannia, Chinese yam, wolfberry fruit, wash, the duck with together into the pot, add water, salt, and cook until cooked duck, harmonic with MSG, you can eat

Effect:With kidney Yin Ze face lotion. The diet raw land, nourishing yin and blood; yam, replenishing qi to invigorate the spleen and stomach; medlar, nourishing the liver and kidney, fill blood Yijing; duck, containing protein, essential amino acids, invigorating the spleen Chak Yan, can be speckle reducing wrinkles

Many women often sexual for some of the freckle, but each time to try, not what effect, small engendering these small freckle method may will have a little effect, but not necessarily for all are effective of Oh, after all, everyone's skin is different, the formation of skin problems, because we didn't for nursing, so Xiaobian found light spot Da Kun contact

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