The state owed me a forest. As you update depth analysis of girls in the eyes of lipstick

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The state owed me a forest. As you update depth analysis of girls in the eyes of lipstick

2016-07-23 01:03:02 323 ℃

In front of a large number of fans sister Lin visual update online

Because he said in a variety of variety.

Some say he has exposed the gap between the entertainment industry and the ordinary working class.

I want to say that he was broken pattern Tucson ~

As the saying goes, there is no lipstick that can't be solved,

If there is, then two!

But in fact, the girl's desire for lipstick can not be counted in a single digit,

Just like in the closet, there's always a little piece of clothing in the closet.

Let me eat melon for the straight people about science so much lipstick, what's the difference?

Let me give you an example.

Although these can all be called big red is not wrong

But in girls' eyes...

They have the necessity of independent existence, and they do not interfere with each other.

From the texture can be divided into moist, glossy, matte, matte.

The species can be divided into lipstick lipstick, lip gloss, Lip Glaze, lip gloss, lip liquid dye.

From the color can be divided into red, orange, brown, red, blue color tone and aunt.

Okay, don't start! In order to more than a few Lin update this "literally buy" the benefit of the majority of women's husband, let me tell you in the eyes of the girls in the lipstick is what kind of!

There is a very simple and easy to understand the truth that is:

On different occasions, of course, need different lipstick!!!

When I go shopping everyday I need lively rose pink

I work when I need intellectual red bean color

When I see her boyfriend when I need to look gentle and lovely cut videotape

When it comes to cut the videotape it would have to mention soar YSL mirror light Lip Glaze No. 12

When I was in Party, I needed HOLD to live in the red.

When I am self, I need a white orange red line.

When I went downstairs when I need to express natural pink color display

When I go hand Green Tea * I need to get my aura color aunt hurricane

However, even if the same color lines, different colors, there will be a variety of colors, partial pink, partial red, orange, brown, purple, the difference ah, of course, to buy ah!

OK, may straight friends still don't understand, just like you do not understand your girlfriend why buy so much the same stripe T-shirt. But in fact the stripe width, density, color is not the same!!

At last, it lists the reasons why girls buy buy.

The packaging of this lipstick is so good! How can not buy?

This is limited ah, do not buy is lost!

At a discount of three pieces of clothes ah, ah, to buy is made!

I am concerned about the beauty of the main Po are good, and certainly to buy ah!

Wow, this lipstick can be lettering ah, give me a reason not to buy?

Or is......

I know the color I have, but I just can't hold my hand!

My peace of mind that is home to the person that is in Shenzhen!

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