Fan Bingbing's long skirt is more beautiful or was the "donkey" shoes and destroyed all the shoes

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Fan Bingbing's long skirt is more beautiful or was the "donkey" shoes and destroyed all the shoes

2016-07-23 04:30:12 651 ℃

Lead: Fan Bingbing starring Jackie Chan and the Jedi fugitive "immediately released, the ratio of fan ye stand is more also, is not a long time no see Xiaobian inventory of Fan Ye's dress. Today under appreciated Fan Ye recently wearing beautiful clothes. (origin: love is beautiful)

Fan Bingbing to attend the film "the Jedi escape," the Beijing Conference

Don't understand why Fan Ye always to ta has alone bell attended the movie "the Jedi fugitive" Beijing Conference, put on the love flower skirt, from Dolce Gabbana2016 series of autumn and winter, Emperor Paidoulitang appearance, filling the nobility, nevertheless silver donkey hoof shoe is still a little destroyed modeling?

Fan Bingbing wearing a white shirt airport street beat

Street beat the new airport, Ellery blue water ripple sleeve shirt sweet and fresh, lovely doll shirt design, let Fan Ye see presumptuous special age reduction, the second girl, with black tights, the overall results are significantly thinner.

Fan Bingbing wears a blue dress.

Wearing a blue Pleated Dress with Jimmy-Choo gold heels, a hair show goddess fan, to inject fresh summer.

Fan Bingbing film "the Jedi escape" Chengdu Conference

Movie "the Jedi fugitive" Chengdu conference, Fan Bingbing is wearing a prabal Gurung 2016 early autumn dress collocation Jimmy-Choo Romy high-heeled shoes, fresh and beautiful, the shoes with a very is good, elegant and exquisite.

Fan Bingbing wearing a red dress stand

Fan Bingbing is wearing a Dutch designer brand Ronald van der Kemp 2016 Summer High crimson dress to attend the movie "the Jedi fugitive" conference. The red lip gloss bulges makeup supplemented by lazy scattered hair appear flavour is dye in the wood, belt outline curve elongated legs could also weaken the skirt of the negligent sense, and feet Jimmy-Choo hollowed crystal cusp shoe will undoubtedly make people surprise.

Fan Bingbing dressed in a white dress

Wearing Alexis mabille 2016 Summer High Dingquan white gown attended the dark dawn 2 "Global Strategy Conference and have not clear drag is feather is still jumping Xianqi.

Fan Bingbing is wearing a blue embroidered dress

Fan Bingbing dressed in a Luisa Beccaria 2016 winter dress to attend the "ocean beauty" inaugural ceremony. Blue velvet dresses classical sublime, lace elements and court yarn sleeve the velvet fabric free old-fashioned highlight sweet, tender collocation of small a long hair, and ice like Castle Princess.

Fan Bingbing is wearing a red dress.

Beautiful Fan Ye is very suitable for large bright red, wearing a TADASHI SHOJI flame red crepe beaded dress appeared in Shanghai, tall and elegant, the flaming lips with red dress, beautiful and smart.

Fan Bingbing wearing a white dress with high heels

Fan Bingbing is wearing a Viktor & Rolf; 2016 spring and summer high appeared special night reception. Pure abstract painting like 3D face printed skirt unconventional accompanied by Louis Vuitton Petite Malle handbags and Giuseppe Zanotti design color metal ferret hollow heels rather future modern sense.

Fan Bingbing is wearing a red skirt Tutu

Film "the legend of gods" in Shanghai conference, Fan Bingbing wore the dress from the dice Kayek in spring and summer 2016 high, emerald earrings with a red skirt ventured into color, kind of strange retro beauty.

Fan Bingbing wearing a purple dress stand

Fan Bingbing is wearing a Miu Miu 2016 winter tailor to attend the film "grand track" conference, romantic violet, foil her noble woman taste, unique tailoring and design is also very show thin.

Fan Bingbing is wearing a white dress.

With a white shape appeared film "Jedi escape" conference, dress from the RalphAnd Russo spring 2016 high set. Embroidery wonderful butterfly sleeve looks like a lush flowers surrounded by body and dress collection waist and hip skirt falbala design highlighted women's graceful and beautiful.

Fan Bingbing wears a yellow print dress

A Gabbana Dolce dress with Zanotti Design Giuseppe White Dew toe shoes appeared in Jincheng, Shanxi. Loose side plait braid of the co ming yellow lemon printing will be rural girl fresh caused by the interpretation and diamond accessories add somewhat beautiful Mingyan, sit in front of the computer Xiaobian seem to smell from off the coast of Sicily bursts of aroma.

Fan Bingbing is wearing a pink and blue dress.

Fan Bingbing was wearing a chictopia thought Toby 2016 Summer silk printing stitching lace dress collocation Giuseppe Zanotti design white Muse waterproof high-heeled shoes appeared in Qingdao. Let Bing Bing look shiny white powder blue.

Fan Bingbing is wearing a pink skirt stand

Wearing Marni ice cream powder dress collocation Giuseppe Zanotti design mirror thick soled high-heeled shoes cheer Huayi vast all star sail Strategy Conference, full of girls heart, sweet and tender.

Fan Bingbing is wearing white skirt India

Fan Bingbing is wearing a Valentino2015 early autumn printing and embroidery dress recording program, fresh green plants is full of vigor and vitality, fairy tale beautiful, Fan Ye looked uneasy particularly pure.