Melon + a treasure, adhere to two months, ten spots disappeared, return to the baby smooth skin

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Melon + a treasure, adhere to two months, ten spots disappeared, return to the baby smooth skin

2016-07-23 05:55:38 377 ℃

July end immediately into August, sun is still very strong, ultraviolet light or very presumptuous of irradiation with women's cheeks, skin under the sunlight, not only to get a sunburn, the spots will also arise. Hateful spots have a serious impact on the appearance, in the face of such a situation is still not back to calm it?

How do you get your spots formed? Inherited or acquired it? Do you often face with little trouble? Xiaobian today for everyone to bring a simple and effective method of spot, small series is the company that colleagues who see, her before going to bed every day adhere with lemon and "it" and ten years of spots two months time would dilute the, Xiao Bian here to share to everyone, I hope everyone likes.

This little skill is actually very simple, is to "it" pressed into juice, make whitening pale spot water. Can be "it" made blemish mask, "it" plus honey is also a good way to light spot, "it" in addition to light spots, you can delay the aging of youth, this "it" in the end what is it? The next very small make up to see it.

A melon, pale spot:

Wax gourd juice extract, clean container with equal amount of white vinegar mixed into the seal, retention. The juice evenly coated with a long spot, 15 minutes after the wash, three times a day. The melon is rich in vitamins, rich nutrition. It is capable of attaining a freckle, nourishing skin. Wax gourd containing fat oleic acid, citrulline and other ingredients, there are blemish effect.

Two, lemon light spot:

Take 1 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, into the cup, to participate in the fresh egg yolk, mixing evenly; and then to participate in 2 tablespoons of oat flour, 2 tablespoons of olive oil or peanut oil, together with the mixture into a paste. Wash your face every night after the deposited surface, constitute a mask; 30 - 20 minutes after the take off, wash with water. Once a night, for a week after the dry lax wrinkled face become smooth luster and wrinkles disappear.

If simply rely on tips for removing stains is not completely achieve freckle obvious effect of, if want to completely get rid of the stain problem, or the need for a nursing method of spot. Skin care must not be blind. What do you think?

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