Never open the plastic canvas shoes, only to buy a pair of this summer is enough

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Never open the plastic canvas shoes, only to buy a pair of this summer is enough

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To step on a pair of plastic canvas shoes, sinister years and why? Canvas shoes on the choice, you might as well listen to the fashion quite a study of alka how to say.

Now the idol brain is a bottomless hole wall, Dong stalk is not completely digested, recently invented a pinched face kiss...... The heart has experienced ten thousand points of storm.

From being hit drama "summer love people"

Think about the area of psychological reasons "popular" the most adorable height difference is no less than the current array.

Look down at once the slaved tiptoe Dafa for canvas shoes left a mark: on both sides of the glue into the never fill do not go back to the "mark".

So despite the small white shoes have bought a closet full of shoes, I am still looking for a pair of genuine wearable, not glue the canvas shoes, after all, and a pair of shoes Sishou life is still relatively easy to point.


If you are on the canvas shoes is not very familiar with, in the Baidu search will probably get: This is a Japanese brand of shoes. In this regard, there is a little study of friends, MoonStar is absolutely can not bypass the classic existence of the classic.

It founded in 1873, is Japan's most successful large-scale comprehensive shoe-making and sales agent group. Indeed, today children their fist products, for a long time has consistently ranked in the Japanese children's shoes market first piece of brand.

However MoonStar in vulcanized canvas shoes status can be described as is hidden boss. Because of its location, Fukuoka, Kurume, is known for rubber industry place, here produces rubber overshoes through vulcanization here special treatment, durable and strong, quality in the whole world all belong to the upper.

IN KURUME shoes labeled MADE has become synonymous with good quality

Here is the most outstanding one hundred years shoe factory is MoonStar. Many tide brand such as young & amp; Olsen, stussy livin 'general store, sols and so on the canvas shoes is in this contract, their own classic canvas shoes price 500 yuan, from the cost point of view is also very worthy of collect a pair.


2015 fall and winter only into the people's vision of the brand PRAS (RUBBER ATHLETICS SHOES PARADISE), to prove that the quality of canvas shoes do not have to come from a hundred years old shop. Recently, they launched a Kurume produced military canvas shoes is the same, and use it as a selling point, was referred to in the media as "than the general MoonStar together of the product more attractive canvas shoes. "

The reason lies in the fact that different to most brands will design directly to get MoonStar please the foundry PRAs this series is the first selection of the nearly 60 years of history loom woven into the Island Department of Pediatrics, Okayama 12.6oz canvas as raw material, and then to Kurume production. Embossed toe style is based on the military training canvas shoes, finish other than working with MoonStar brand more carefully.

Of course, in terms of vulcanization sole is still take MoonStar specialized curing method: in more than 120 degrees high temperature pressure promote sulfur and rubber produce reaction, in 70 minutes long process, make shoes more stable.


So, identifying a pair of canvas shoes is made in Fukuoka for this a gilded signboard is wrong not to go. DOEKSHOE industries is from Fukuoka, Japan, Kurume, belonging to good Weaver's, using local traditional weave woven into cloth and classic sulfide production process.

Doek shoes but sturdy also the foundation to continue writing, called "court" this paragraph in the light of tennis shoes prototype, cork material pressed into the insole, strong wear resistance and good buffer and permeability.

Hill-Side The

Has been introduced by many people Hill-Side The, although it is the United States of New York Broolyn blood flow of the American brand, but they have a canvas shoe Japanese style of the soul.

The production of The Hill-Side canvas shoes factory in Japan, you can see the stacked shoes piled up high. This one hundred old factory has no modern mechanical assembly line, but stick to the spirit of the staff, with hand to build the shoes of every detail.

Court Spring

After reading the above to change, the French national brand of Spring Court in the durable performance is also good. After all, even the John Lennon are their fans, its remarkable charm.

Court Spring G2, M2,, B2, B4 four classic shoes, than all star Converse is much stronger than the fact that it is obvious to all. In addition, it is the biggest advantage is that because it is handmade with 12 ounces of Egyptian cotton, Havea rubber shoe pad, and on both sides is provided with eight medium bottom air holes, enable it to have the wear no matter how long will not feel the perfect cover feet Juegan.

Of course, you may have heard it in the Havea rubber sole injection of mint flavor hidden surprises, billed as wearing a lifetime will not foot odor. The final effect is not as good as the rumors so miraculous, but compared to other canvas shoes, it is obviously the advantages. This is one of my own.

Cloud Red

Red cloud is domestic few launched canvas shoes wear brand, 2014 began the idea and begin planning this canvas shoes, in the 1940s Fly-fishing boots as a reference to the prototype production. Retained all the details and modify the shoe last, toe front retained the three layers of structure design, including Baotou protruding part following still has a layer of rubber to protect the toes stress, inside the shoe instep position is completely attached to clothing design is the emphasis on the characteristics, so in long standing and walking will allow your feet to uniform stress and not feel foot discomfort.

Each pair of shoes are paid a pair of film with gift, always pay attention to the fabric technology of red cloud the also choose from Japan's superior Kurashiki canvas as the vamp material. It is said that even has always been critical of Japanese origin for this shoe orders.


What does it mean to be vulcanized?

We often with canvas shoes placed in the vulcanization together is rubber material through a rubber intermolecular cross-linking generates a three-dimensional network structure of the vulcanizate with a. Purpose is to make adhesive material has the characteristics of high strength, high elasticity, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent performance, eliminate permanent deformation, the rubber after deformation, can rapidly and completely restored to its original state, because the earliest discovered crosslinking agent is sulfur, so named after the vulcanization.

Vulcanized shoes are canvas shoes?

No, only after vulcanization shoes is vulcanized shoes, the material is also not necessarily canvas. Vulcanized shoes general from the sole can tell: by the rubber edging rubber inner bottom obviously, and can be seen two parts is separated form is vulcanized shoes the.

How to extend the life of this kind of shoe?

According to the common sense, all vulcanized shoes finally will glue, just the length of time, and vulcanized shoes even glue does not belong to quality problem. Want to let it extend the life, it is best to avoid wearing it to do strenuous exercise (of course, is unlikely) in addition, cleaning to avoid machine washable, usually rubber part of the stains can be treated with rubber.

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