# old nine door # how to have Zhao Liying like face, with high cold Buddha?

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# old nine door # how to have Zhao Liying like face, with high cold Buddha?

2016-07-21 02:28:56 427 ℃

"Nine" the first eight sets you wonder how the female main delay not on-line, who can think Zhao Liying Yin crescent debut a few set quickly to high cold Shuai Buddha with the!

Like the familiar face on behalf of Yoona

The Yellow Sect, fans have lost three Angelababy five

There are upright girl Dongyu Zhou

Everyone wants to be a little face, otherwise there won't be a camera ran backward phenomenon. (ha ha...)! Today Kevin is divided into three steps to teach you "face camouflage"!

As a face lift of the needle maintenance method

In summer, the first face is nemesis edema! Some girls actually had a face is not fat, but always look swollen, because a lot of water before going to bed and stay up late causing poor blood circulation metabolism, the results lead to edema problems.

Easy to edema of the girls can drink a cup of coffee in the morning, coffee with drainage diuretic function, you can accelerate the consumption of body heat, to help you quickly dissipated edema.

In addition, you can apply a daily skin care products, and then add a few actions to promote lymphatic system detoxification, long-term adherence, facial lines will become compact, the face naturally become small

Kevin exclusive massage technique:

Slap face by "makeup"

If you want to immediately face decrescent of girls, there are some small coup makeup can let you instantly have a face!

1, mention bright face central, modified face edge lineThis is the most basic method of makeup, the face of big decrescent! The grooming products will face the central bright, on both sides of the dark, it will face becomes more solid, also can make the face look smaller. This method is applicable to all of the face oh.

2, in addition, the eyebrow makeup with eyes slightly hard, will let you change your face!

Such as slightly radian, longer tail eyebrow eyebrow makeup, eyebrow painted on the nose, tail, end of eye after prolonged line can lock a facial visual a inverted triangle shape, face is therefore significantly lining change "thin" a lot, one second can have pointed chin face!

Also to enlarge the eyes, in addition to the brush eye shadow, be sure to brush the eyelashes, the next eyelash to brush! Let the eyes in the face of the proportion of the increase, the face will naturally look small.

The face is not small enough for the hair

Whether it is to comb the hair up or loose, to find the method can show the face oh!

The root position to create a fluffy feeling, will make the face stereo rise. If the hair in a pony tail can be caught with the hand directly, do not have a comb, at last, his fingers into the hair to hair gently to pull out a little, creating a fluffy feeling, help three-dimensional face.

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