Everyone has to wear a T-shirt, how to grow?

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Everyone has to wear a T-shirt, how to grow?

2016-07-21 02:32:15 340 ℃

Author: with skills to help

Every summer less T-shirt, this simple single product, a wide range of the different can wear out the infinite possibilities. But T-shirts although Joker, however, but can not casually take casually buying, want to wear the color, not a passer-by, basic models also need to bother the Oh!


Hot days are not just a T-shirt they deceive the past... Although it is a simple T-shirt, but doesn't necessarily have to be solid, if not some added, the T-shirt is a simple T-shirt. Add a little embroidery or sticking cloth design is a good choice, even if is the color of ordinary, ordinary version of the type can also be wild overall simple and fun personality ~


Just plain T-shirt + printing, NONO, but not limited to this. Hollow and strap design is a kind of irresistible sexy charm, the T-shirt is the most basic styles how little of her existence. Her magic is sexy and not vulgar, will not wear clothing dust feeling awkward, and the background of the solid, leaving only elegant temperament oh


Stripes are the fashion industry to stand up the little fairy, the classic is not to say. Horizontal stripes look fat? Who said that? Striped with loose version was the most significantly thinner than the. And neat uniform stripe with loose version and a and natural lazy fan children, a high waisted shorts collocation, the feet step on a pair of slippers, leisure but so oh ~

[no sleeve]

Are all the T-shirts in the sleeve? Of course not! , sleeveless T-shirt deduction from sweet wind but properly Oh ~ while only a few of the sleeve, some shoulder is bare, but enough to ease the sultry summer mood, a cute and sexy feeling, age is also properly reduce oh. With a short section of the bottoms, cool breeze and instant ~

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