Ferret out the culprit pores, and make skin smooth!

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Ferret out the culprit pores, and make skin smooth!

2016-07-21 02:39:09 432 ℃

Beauty of the MM are the pursuit of zero pore beauty". However, the city's environmental pollution, computer radiation, work pressure, irregular work and rest makes the skin become rough, coarse pores, it is the impact of beautiful. What are the causes of the skin pores?

The basal layer continue to create new cells, and transported to the upper, the old cells will be pushed to the surface of the skin natural peeling. Cleansing is not complete, cause skin is not normal metabolism, hair follicle and sebaceous gland nozzle accumulation of horny, horny old also unable to fall off. The pores become rough, easy to be blocked, resulting in coarse pores.

Two, skin aging relaxation

The increase of age, the blood circulation is not smooth, the sebum metabolism slows down. Aging loose skin around the pores of collagen, elastic tissue will gradually shrink, lose elasticity, dust, dirt into the pores, so that the pores appear oval shape.

Three, strong secretion of oils and fats

Sebum secretion strong, making the need to open the large pores of sebum. Coarse pores are usually accompanied by acne and acne problems, oily skin, adolescence and T areas often appear.

Four, dry water lead to rough

Horny once absorbed enough water would like the water sponge like expansion up and around the pores of the cell priming with water swelling up, the pores will naturally become not obvious; conversely, the surface dry skin, the stratum corneum will be dry, appearance is very rough, the pores become coarse.

How coarse pores shrink pores

First, balanced nutrition

Malnutrition will make the skin becomes dry and wrinkles, large pores, usually more food to the transformation of the horny layer of the skin, make the skin smooth and moist vitamin A, eat more fresh vegetables, fruit, eat less saturated fatty acids higher animal food.

Two, oil control

Sebaceous glands at night is more active, use the special night skin care products, to facilitate more effective inhibit secretion of oils and fats, to reduce daytime skin secretion of oils and fats, alleviate acne, shiny, large pores and other skin problems.

Three, to maintain water and oil balance

Timely replenishment of fresh moisturizing products; eat more fruits, light diet mainly; avoid staying up late to maintain a good living law.

Four, pay attention to sun

More than 90% of premature aging of the skin is because the sun over exposure caused by, resulting in skin "prematurely", so to do the basic cleaning fully moisturizing and sun protection work.

Five, completely remover

Large pores cause is not clear clean skin, so that dirt long-term residue in the pores. Carefully and thoroughly up remover, cleansing oil emulsified, soaked in water, along the clockwise direction in the face of circle, finally with the facial cleanser thoroughly remove makeup.

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