Acne acne than the wicked, it is on fire!

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Acne acne than the wicked, it is on fire!

2016-07-21 02:40:43 356 ℃

I believe that many girls are often small and have the same trouble, but still not in acne, acne ah! It is through the heart, blood flow ah ~ come and see why small acne always goes away!

Improper cleaning

Love long acne oily skin cleaning must be in place, but do not choose to clean too strong cleansing products or excessive cleaning.

Wrong product

Many of the products available on the market are designed to combat aging, improve fine lines and relaxation, which is not a concept for the repair of inflammatory damage. This kind of product usually does not help pox and India weakened, instead, oily skin exposed to the high content of lipid skin care products are Zhangdou risk.

Excessive inflammation

In the early stages of acne using point pox stick or acne gel nursing can reduce redness, relieve inflammation, but when acne under control, the latter should proper repair and maintenance, blindly anti-inflammatory will let originally a help heal skin components are affected.

Ignore sun

UV has always been on the skin damage is comprehensive, in addition to causing sunburn and light aging, UV will naturally destroy the basal cell activity, slow down skin repair, make chicken pox and India more stubborn.

Whitening mistake

Pox and India are vasodilation and pigment precipitation type, usually both a red a dark brown, whitening products can improve dark brown pigmentation of chicken pox and India, but the red blood vessels dilated pox and India should choose to relieve the class products.

Frequently stay up late

Staying up late will make you miss the best time to repair the organs, of course, including the skin, the body's largest organ.

Remove horny

A cause of acne,

The formation of acne usually are inflammatory acne, or because we are not correct squeeze closed acne damage caused by inflammation. When the skin inflammation, the capillary will expand, and then make the local redness and swelling. No acne inflammation, but also will not fade, so the formation of red acne. Subsequently, the inflammation of skin tissue destruction, caused by melanin deposition, the greater damage, deposited more, it becomes a brown black pox and India. So in one sentence is: the red acne inflammation, brown (black) acne is melanin deposition after inflammation.

Two, common acne India misunderstanding

About India, a lot of friends into the misunderstanding of acne India in imperceptibly, this arrangement is as follows:

1 hand to pull, squeeze, pick acne

Pox and India, focusing on prevention, most serious pox and India are with the original random extrusion related, without disinfection of skin and fingers, equipment, professional techniques, correct judgment of acne degree and so on...... Very easy to squeeze acne hurt when the dermis.


Many people believe that young adult acne left pox and India does not matter, as long as the onset of puberty, some people even think that after marriage), the skin will naturally be restored to their original. This misconception somehow misled many boys and girls! Acne should be timely and correct treatment of acne, pox pits, once formed, it is very likely that we will leave a permanent mark on the face.

3 processing is not timely

In order to regain the white face, acne and acne must grasp just produced prime time within 2 months. Acne inflammation will damage the skin of the skin structure, will also affect the severity of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. At this time the skin will open the repair mechanism, the general need 3--6 months to be stable. So in the beginning of the pox and India 2 months, as long as the rescue as soon as possible, you can to minimize the damage of skin tissue damage, even can be restored to the original smooth and meticulous.

Summary: acne acne also do not forget the work! Acne acne treatment as soon as possible!

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