The apology was the only drama film, watch Song Jia's wild eyebrow!

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The apology was the only drama film, watch Song Jia's wild eyebrow!

2016-07-21 02:41:11 409 ℃

Recently the apologized "drama" the Lu Yao know ramatex "is not aggressively, look like the apology and the battle of quite a large.... however, according to the article's argument is, this movie does, in fact, is to the when Harry Met Sally" tribute. It is said that the latter is also good.

Makeup girl a few days ago to cinema with box office, have to say... And have not been moved to the story of the 33 years spare tire. Moreover, bobel really is minutes to play jump to "Hong Jiong" that always be routine guy hit.

To say that there is no aspect of this drama, there are! Anyway makeup girl would have been rushed to Song Jia, but she did not let people down, not to say how she acted (to be honest a little article attached to the body of the feeling ~ ~) but the shape of the play is really handsome mei.

Song Jia's clothing products do not have makeup girl said, dressing has never been wrong nor too much, as well as many fashion circles who once suspected her into the wrong circle.

Has always been, are walking on a handsome leisure style but... Can also be willfully to the elder sister, intellectual ol, handsome neutral wind freely switch and everything wonderful piercing a taste of their own, but careful observation, you will find, the goddess almost to a makeup hold live full style changes.


The first step: Wild eyebrow eyebrow

Although the wild eyebrow only need to gently describe a few pens, so that it is natural. But the eyebrow work but based oh!

For wild eyebrow, it does not need to deliberately describe the word eyebrow and the like, it is best to follow the original eyebrow shape, roughly describe the part to be retained, will be messy without a chapter of the eyebrows trimmed off you can.

Eyebrows grow very fast, so we have to remember regular pruning, don't wait for it to grow out only to mend.<1Two3>


The second step: Wild eyebrow eyebrow

Makeup girl why not said the thrush, is want to emphasize in this step do not force too fierce, with eyebrow faint trace of a few strokes, don't even need to fill the gap between each eye brows.

In addition to the Kate eyebrow, what good Japanese thrush?

Kate powder has been pushed up, today I want to give you the Amway makeup girl a few fun... Riotous with colour eyebrow.


VISEE four-color color eyebrow powder

BR-2 powder for partial color, pink red brown hair color, hair color if very fashionable words can also use this. Makeup girl tried pink brown color, toxic! Although it is black, but also with ordinary eyebrow different feeling.

BR-1 is suitable for yellow brown yellow hair color, you can use this general yellow

BR-3 is suitable for dark olive brown hair, flax color hair color can also use this

As using the method, the official website of the said first with a color, is one of the deepest the color painted eyebrows and finished according to be fond of or is demand will b, C, D color mixing again from the brow brush eyebrow tail can.

The final effect is this: natural brown, yellow, red (from left to right).

Reference price: 99 yuan<1Two3>


IPSA Yin Fu ShaStereoscopic color eyebrow

Row two colors, the left is the shadow color, blooming eyebrows, eye socket or is as a nasal shadow color, right Brown eyebrow for eyebrows painted as a whole.

Row three color, left orange and red colors for adjustment and change eyebrow color, according to hair color or is the use of personal preferences, right deep brown eyebrow can used to outline the eyebrow eyebrow tail lines.

Reference price: 267RMB<12Three>


Sui Anna Anna Sui

Magic bow eyebrow

At first glance in the past many color, in fact is also four-color eyebrow!, left most of that is the main color, used to draw eyebrow, the gradient of the right to do color and halo dyeing.

And VISEE is divided into three color numbers, color looks very much like. Eyebrow brush with a head, a head of animal hair, made a hard point brush head.

Makeup girl feel that this is simply the gospel of hair dye! Against a bright hair, with black eyebrows a ride together with weird. In the past it is generally use different brown eyebrow pencil, mascara or shades of eyebrow, but sometimes is not completely unified eyebrows and hair color.

Reference price: 188 yuan

The soil around the world, to buy over the neon physical makeup girl