Foreigners wearing cheongsam, is still beautiful Oh?

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Foreigners wearing cheongsam, is still beautiful Oh?

2016-07-21 02:42:53 1767 ℃

The Chinese dress is a symbol of the beauty of Chinese women. Cheongsam is a kind of scenery, own a Qing vast and proudly, gentle, restrained, in the months of aloes days, total fantasy by returning to the ancient, outing in the willow river, in carved window lattice behind sigh. What is the effect of foreigners wearing Chinese style dress? Is not the United States do not want or simply can not see it? Then follow the Yiyilai look! Full text

Japan's older generation star Yasuko Sawaguchi cheongsam, foreign stars to wear the cheongsam most lasting appeal, first to wash an eye, we look down!

South Korea and Japan are the stars because they belong to the East Asian region, so it is not too much to wear a dress out of line, or it is very beautiful.

Song Hye Kyo in the "great master" in the Chinese dress is also very elegant, with pale as chrysanthemum feel

Europe and the United States can also be the star of the star, but to choose the right dress.


The dress as a very difficult to wear a beautiful dress,

Requires a relatively perfect body and a certain temperament,

Many foreigners also does not manage to ~ followed Yiyilai look at these people can not bear to look the stars dress according ~ to take a deep breath, take a deep breath, do yo psychologically prepared! Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Look at the body of the fruit...... Simply amazing...... Very not Chinese dress ah...... More than just not the Chinese dress, is also very strange, ah, do not understand the aesthetic and fashion......

Hilton the although not ugly can not read it, but there are a village at the eastern end of Wang Erniu feeling, is not noble, appear a little low EH

Ayumi Hamasaki and Jolin together of these two, it is a tomato scrambled eggs met black pepper steak...... Can not bear to look......

Not a good figure, let not the cheongsam docile, fat will destroy the cheongsam texture!

Anyway, a heart think the most beautiful wearing cheongsam is Maggie the, slender limbs, 10000 kinds of style, delicate eyes, silent wins audio, the United States across time and space.

Do you have a story with the Chinese dress? Do you like the Chinese dress? You are welcome to share with us! Today is such, I hope you happy is the basis!

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