[the] South Korea star Zhuangshan Zhuangshan, this is your time to speak the truth...

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[the] South Korea star Zhuangshan Zhuangshan, this is your time to speak the truth...

2016-07-23 15:00:43 389 ℃

Yiyanbuge is Zhuangshan again

Li Yuchun VS Song Jia Alexander Wang In 2016 spring and summer series

Two very different people, wearing a uniform t-shirt. As a leader in China fashion Icon, two do their best to get this shirt Alexander Wang to take the method of play to the extreme. Li Yuchun use it to do within the ride, low profile does not lose interest, as a whole with handsome stylish. Small Songjia also use it to make the ride, brain hole open to match Strapless leather skirt, the overall mix adequately and appropriately, so that China's it girl orange Jun serving only Song Jia.

Li Yuchun

Song Jia


Song Jia VS Xu Qing InBurberry2016 early autumn series

Two people wear a ride in addition to shoes other than 10 fen. But it is a pair of shoes on the same with the same mix of visual results. Lob head Song Jia with white coat color and high heel, echoes, the overall look lean and elegant. Xu Qing Yan values for a set of clothes considerably, but the hair tied up slightly old-fashioned, the colour of their shoes and pants joined also a piece.

Song Jia

Xu Qing


Korean In Han Xiao Zhou VSMiu Miu2016 early autumn series dress

Guli Nazha and Han Xiaozhou are Miu Miu2016 early autumn series dress, but they are of the same series of different models. Gulina firm dress collar relatively awkward, but is such half long not short collar is gulina firm swan neck firmly hold lived, comes with the legs do not need too much polish, a pair of Miu Miu's ballet flats beautiful generation Lizhi. Compared with Han Hyo Joo beauty on a slightly hypochromic, earring accessories and clothing take exactly everywhere, but feet on this pair of thick bottom donkey hoof is overexert, orange Jun specially checked the Han Hyo Joo is 172cm tall, if replaced with a dress like gas fluttering fairy shoes, absolutely and gulina firm play a draw.


Han Hyo-joo


Lin Yun Park Shin Hye VS In Chanel 2016 " " in Rome early autumn; Paris; Senior Workshop Series

Lin Yunhe Park Shin hye these two pieces of clothes is the same series of different styles, in fact, orange Jun his upper body to such a false perspective design over incompetence, always feel without a jacket like. Despite this, Lin Yun shoes to match the work nevertheless, did not wear lace stockings is absolutely a wise choice. Park Shin Hye wore this dress is thin, the copy of the show wear white shoes, but really awkward Real.


Park Shin Hye


Last sentence

Not afraid Zhuangshan, who was ugly who embarrassed.