Iron maiden aunt Mei: a woman to shine themselves, followed by marriage and men

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Iron maiden aunt Mei: a woman to shine themselves, followed by marriage and men

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A woman in a dream on the road.

College Teresa. Mei (also known as Aunt May) have itself to the prime minister's dream, and uses it as a basis for policy began in the ambition on the road all the way the scurry. Aged 59 year old Aunt Mei, was born in England in Eastbourne, once studied in Hugh's college, Oxford University, majoring in geography.

In the University era, Mei Yi has been in the city of London has made a career growth. After graduating from the University, Mei Yi had a staff officer at the Bank of England, and later became the head of the European Affairs Department of the British payment clearing services association.

In 1986, the success of the election, the political life of the beginning of this.

In London was elected to Congress, Aunt Mei also was selected in 1997 2002 to become the leader of the British Parliament, conservative woman president. The Conservative Party in opposition, she served as Minister of education in the shadow cabinet, Minister of transport, Minister of culture, employment and pensions minister and other duties.

2010 won the election victory of Cameron to promote her as home secretary. Served in the cabinet ministers this six years, terrorism to obtain useful impact, crime rate is also significantly reduced, rectify the lax rules of policing, successfully completed a mission, not only to Party comrades respect her, embracement and harvest of the masses.

On July 13, 2016, Aunt Mei finally dream come true were successfully selected British Prime Minister, she is not only the British history first no offspring of the prime minister, is Thatcher after his wife and the two female prime minister.

A woman with her own love and life.

The political arena arrogant woman, life is how a person?

Aunt Mei is a popular woman who loves fashion and fun. High heels, hiking, cooking is her first choice for the top three happy. Although it has been nearly sixty years, Aunt Mei pursuit of fashion and beauty is still like a girl.

She likes to read the Vogue magazine, like wearing leopard high-heeled shoes, like wearing a pearl necklace, eccentric flaming lips. Every time her exit are stunning, every entry is splendid fashion queen, compared with Park Geun hye low elegant and harmonious, Aunt Mei reveals to people all over the world is a quiet and flowery beauty, if Park Geun hye is a strain of lily, then Aunt Mei is a single red rose.

Go under the altar of Aunt Mei, is a sunny, positive and optimistic woman in the life, good life work and rest, healthy eating habits, gritty boil exercise also makes her in front of the public is always in high spirits, energy glow, even though the years in her face engraved traces the vicissitudes of life, it still does not affect her beautiful and elegant, understanding and wisdom, sexy and attractive.

A own life worship and the policy of the great woman

If you think Aunt Mei was elected British Prime Minister Chuzhi is only because of vanity and ambition, then you are completely mistaken. Her ambition, her faith and her outlook on life, world outlook and values, perhaps already for this beautiful not measuring foreshadowed. Let's take a look at Aunt May's inaugural address.Essence Department:

The true essence of Cameron's legacy is not about the economy, but in social justice.

This implies that we will fight against the looming social injustice.

If you have a poor life, you will live nine years less than others;

If you are black, you will be more rigorous than the white man in the criminal justice system;

If you are a member of the working class, you will be less likely than any other British person to enter the University;

If you study in a public school, you will have fewer opportunities than private school students to engage in advanced professions.

If you are a woman, you will earn less than men;

If you are young, you will find that it is more difficult to have a house than ever before;

However, making the UK a country for every people is far more than the same as the above.

If you come from an ordinary working families, your life than Westminster, a lot of people realize to be much more difficult.

You have a job, but you don't always have job security, you have your own home, but you're worried about the loan.

You can barely make a living, you have to worry about the cost of living and the future generations.

The authorities I lead will not be pinned down by the benefits of a privileged minority, but rather on the benefits of your business. We will do our best to give you more control over the power of life itself.

When we need to make important decisions when we do not consider your power, but.

When we pass the new bill, we will not obey the power, but to listen to you.

We can't consolidate the advantage of a lucky few, but to do their best to help everyone to play to maximize their talents, no matter its sets how. We will make Britain a country not privileged, but a country for every people.

As a set of plain but eventually boarded the top woman, I believe her every word is the words from the bottom of the heart. See what she said she always than others and get up for 3 hours, she knew the job is 5 times more than others. On her way, she spent more effort and price than anyone, and spent more time and spirit than anyone, only to create a new era of equality and fair justice for the people.

The highest level of marriage is I on the road leading to the ideal without fear, a review can still rock solid you catch a glimpse of the silent guardian.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said,As prime minister is a lonely job, but has always been accompanied by her husband.But behind Aunt Mei us -- the new British Prime Minister to have a good husband always support her, Philip · mei. Two people from the 1980 marriage has been 36 years, both Aunt Mei in the low life, the father of a car accident death, sick mother died, she is still a way to promotion of moment of satisfaction, side have accompanied by Philip.

Aunt Mei and her husband Philip · engaged in the financial industry; may have been married for 35 years, is known as the family of the family. According to British media reports, when they were young and later became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Tony · Bhutto introduced to understand. May is a very low-key low-key man, to what level? You are all search engines on the search results only oneA low-key banker. My Aunt Mei to Philip's evaluation is: "honest decent, fair and reasonable and not buckish, resolute, cannot be underestimated."

Although Philip is considered politically very talent, a former Wimbledon meal conservative association chairman. However, later Aunt Mei embarked on a political road, Philip chose to enter the financial circles and fully support his wife's political ambitions.

He never thinks the wife of prime minister dream is "a tale told by an idiot balderdash", but like "rock", in wife in ideal road trot all the way the hour, always stand in after her death give decisive shift support. He know how to appreciate her ability, he chooses to trust her, he always on the road of her ambition, with her all the way across thousands of difficult obstacles, crossed the majestic mountains.

Although they had no children. However, the feeling is not to have any effect, married for more than 30 years, not only affectionate husband and wife, and has fun with the happy love:Cricket activity. According to reports, Mei Yi had in a television program, frankly, because of physical reasons, so there is no child.

Although it is very sad for this matter, no outsiders have to take over the life. Sometimes you expect things to happen, and sometimes you don't have the ability to do what you want to do. And like us so (no children), there are a lot of good coupling.

Familiar with the couple who said: Philip city can feel Aunt Mei do anything, but also the most sharp criticism,He often listened to her talk, given their views. They are a veritable energy partners, a soul mate together, dream on the road covered with thorns, has a deep revolution of friendship of comrades.

Young girl's aunt (pictures from the Phoenix Art)

I don't always recognize Chinese women's outlook on life and values.

As Chinese women's goal in life is to find a good man to marry, a dozen children and marriage life with a feather in complete loss of self, in a of women lack of respect and protection of society grovel. A lot of time, do not know what is a dream, gradually become dependent on men for life just hold your hand, and grow old with you. However, such a simple happiness, so subtle Hu think, but also often by the actual impact of relentless destruction.

Man, than to have your dream? Marriage, is the only one you save the meaning of it? Child, is your only energy to rely on it?

Do a woman, have faith and pursuit, policy, to the innovation of the self to create social value to live a woman should some excellent and flowery, to do a blooming rose, instead of doing a single greenhouse grass, man captive pets, vulgar, wife and mother.

Real happiness, not man, marriage, children can give you, never.

Author introductionMirror: fine, different from the world of the existence of the financial sector alone, lone noble, like philosophy, thinking of life.

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