Sheenah with a husband light towards the international electric blue skirt mad pull cool hanging fried days

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Sheenah with a husband light towards the international electric blue skirt mad pull cool hanging fried days

2016-07-23 15:00:52 777 ℃

The Star Trek 3 "in the San Diego Comic Con, held the opening ceremony, China spokesman Zhang Jie carrying his wife Xie Na, host Li Weijia position on the red carpet, this time Jie brother and sister Na finally go out of the country, only to let the world was shocked, let us also flash blindness.

Zhang Jie day identity as a spokesman in China appeared in the Star Trek ride 3 "premiere ceremony, wearing a black suit, white shirt, black tie... Conventional standard red carpet actor.

Xie Na and perhaps to foil the theme of "Star Trek" future feeling, dressed in dressed in electric blue dress shiny cool and magic.

Without contrast there is no danger, to see the model of the upper body, it is really a. Words. Hard。 As far as.

Makeup is the European and American preferences, God's eyes are like dave...... But that's where it's weird.

Perhaps there is no tall figure, Sheenah did not wear gas field.

Maybe the metallic material is more suitable for fair skinned people, the body makes skin dirty.

PS: if Sheenah said that the position is stained with her husband's light, then Li Weijia is stained with whom the light?

Actually, near to Xie Na chewing simply promotion a lot, in all kinds of notices, always take intellectual elegant line, each suit is not the big high, is the major suit tailor series. Perhaps from "Star Trek 3" red carpet back, Sheenah should get a stylist to talk about the.

In concert with Zhang Jie's dog abuse drama, a sequined skirt bra, showing sexy.

Dressed in a pale blue law hem skirt with tea color Chanel backpack, foot white canvas shoes, a refreshing clothing xiena look like students general pure beautiful.

From the back cut head curtain, more than one or two years old young.

British style plaid shirt + jeans years of constant collocation method, simple and neat and thin.

Sweater + tight jeans, without any frills, looked fresh and clean. Long hair + sunglasses, just a POSE with a star of the style.

From MET to GALA after the end of the metal elements, electro-optic began to flourish, want to wear it is good to see how you collocation.

1, there is no good figure, please show the ankle

What small figure wear looks tall and fit? His legs very good play to play the advantages of small slender.

Soup only green metallic color dress is simple and solemn, formal attire of deep V and personal design, flash the perfect ratio of Tang Wei, sexy but not ostentatious.

Carina Lau was wearing a Michael kors 2015 winter series, Huang cancan texture aura outrageous, stunning one pace reachs the designated position; slim curve also in the light of underground is a perfect outline.

2, skirt is king

Metal color of skin is very picky, if wearing substandard error is not only obvious black will be dirty, but 2016 blowing metal color skirt wave just to solve the the chagrin.

Kolo Moritz was Tucao not thick neck arm bucket waist, then how? Wear metal color is 1 meters long skirt leg 8?

Honey is addicted to clock frenzy for metallic skirt

3, the Conservative prime? With accessories to take is also the United States and the United States

If you do not have the courage to go all out to go out, then the metal color as a part of the clothing in the United States and the United States and the United states.

Tang Yan on a double RogerVivier spring 2016 silver tassel heels reproduction "legs kill" skill, beautiful beautiful

Metal color packets in this year has been a fire out of the sky, just with a simple dress, take a small bag will be able to light up the whole body.

A sharp metallic high-heeled shoes and dress

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