Women's life to have 4 pairs of high heels, Fan Bingbing does not believe, but also bought fifth pairs......

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Women's life to have 4 pairs of high heels, Fan Bingbing does not believe, but also bought fifth pairs......

2016-07-23 15:01:15 421 ℃

Chinese women's first published the most popular female public number

She published

All said that the woman in life to have 4 pairs of high heels

1, 3, 6, 9cm four kinds of height of the shoes

Can let you inGirl, woman, QueenRandom switch between

But you know there's one in the world.

The height immediately upgraded to the "mysterious heels goddess"?

This baby is

Waterproof shoes

From the 20cm to the sky HI HEEL

High heel shoes a few centimeters of waterproof Taiwan

Not only can make the Hobbit a second chongshangyunxiao

There are high 5cm equal to 10 pounds of the magic of the results of the lean

Deep in the Asian stars

Ouni goddessHye gyo Song

Focus on water table for 20 years


Male ticket killerWang Ziwen

Gas pull the country all rely on it


The legendary singer a-mei

Universal goddess Fan Bingbing

Is the only pet water table


Goddess of the measure to wear a few hundred pairs of donkey shoes"

And very good at using big skirt collocation


Put on the hoof of the donkey, feeling the small happiness of high altitude


Waterproof shoes to wear the United States is not the United States you say

Nothing more than worries about her sister,Is it safe?

On stilts, overlooking liegeman

Must be the Queen's vision.

You can walk down the steps, even a big stride turn

There are risks in life.

What the fashion circle has been handing over "casualties" countless dismal precedent

Since ancient times, the water table is a fancy wrestling competition of the best partner

She's wearing a good safety belt, and she's off!

Angela Chang fell over.

Top supermodel Naomi fall

Big cousin fell over

The baby fell over Gaga

Gaga Lady fall

Show coloratura diving"

(ice hockey)


But also the way the child dog wrestling...

To the great black gentleman Fu and Fan Ye and elegant praise

Waterproof Taiwan people love to hate, have not Banmei weapon, but the culprit! But the designer is still playing tricks, deforrnation waterproof stand, let you continue walking instability and distinguished air of elegance and coquetry.

These shoes are dangerous and beautiful

Would you buy it?

Olympia Charlotte

Has the most sweet water table and the most surging high heels

Put on Olympia Charlotte the United States to outer space is not a dream

In addition to the said bare pink clothes, can also join the wedding dress