Queen of the United Kingdom 1 feet 7 of the waist, wearing a dress minutes spike stars!

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Queen of the United Kingdom 1 feet 7 of the waist, wearing a dress minutes spike stars!

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The main fan said: Classic never outside (*^__^*)

When the queen was young, it was not only not conservative, but rather, the use of a lot of the moment is very fashionable elements, if the current female star wearing those clothes on the red carpet, still can attract a reporter's flash, won the best dress award".

And then the queen figure is excellent, waist 23 inches (about 1.7526 feet), but the Vitoria Beckham figure.

Chiffon decoration beautiful woman with warmth, long green ribbon and put the whole set off the young active.

This orange printing personal T-shirt with fold dress is put onto the level of female star at the moment is "a week best dressed.

Three Pink Ribbon exquisite dress broke his solemn conservative, is this special flavor.

Extremely fine embroidery and embroidery, a major feature of the Queen's clothing, is longer than the "link sense of drama and elegant balance".

The queen put waist dress, as early as at the time there is a new style of Dior after World War II (New look) charm.

The Queen's clothing as early as fifty years ago the material mosaic, satin lace inlay, luxuriant incomparable.

Now the female star is like to wear a big skirt, who covers an area of large who can on the front page, the queen had a grasp of this trick as long as it.

Green leaves and beaded embroidery skirt, the queen of England and Canada relations from the clothing can actually superb performance.

The queen at the moment than the fashionable girl, as early as fifty years to put on a single shoulder dress, skirt and echoing with one shoulder Satin trim.

The dress chest set fold meter elements, so far can be seen in many female stars on the red carpet in clothing.

1995 Academy Awards, UMA Thurman wear that Prada pale purple Chiffon present on the red carpet immediately became the core of the audience, the queen has long been through this color.

Figure small, this piece of clothing to look at the chest of a full circle of the long strip of Rhine stone decoration, ah who years of blingbling.

Armor type decorative contour dress, some small, but also perfect women's style embroidery is beautiful.

The shoulder and neck bow lengthened tail livery, Nicole Kidman is not in the red carpet through exactly the same thing (red).

The queen is not always full of rich in embroidered clothing printing, this is a rich sense of minimalism, concise atmosphere.

Turkey jade dress, some spring style embroidery pattern very exotic flavor.

This dress called minimalist, geometric patterns, the three gradient until now are fashionable elements.

From a set of photos can be seen, the queen of the hour figure temperament appearance and colorful costumes are equal.

A red dress photo, Queen Costume exhibition, not in chronological, but according to color, pink to mauve and, lemon yellow to golden yellow, the queen is always the "Queen of the rainbow", this is one of the fifty years unchanged.

Queen's clothing is very face political symbolism, this is her visit to the United States when worn, 1957, Queen Elizabeth to wear this dotted with pearl grey silk embroidery skirt attended the dinner hosted by the White House and President Eisenhower, the pattern is the California poppy.

In 1967 the queen wearing evening dress, even now in the red carpet dress is also very difficult to find such a beautiful color.

1970 visit Australia wear suits, in 1970 queen visited Australia, she designed the shy grass yellow system suit to match bestowed by the Australian people of Vitex negundo diamond brooch.

1976, to attend the Montreal Olympics wearing formal attire, a clever design of the Olympic rings blue silk skirt.

The queen visited Zambia in 1983 before from the indigenous African clothing design.

This dress cape type bow, still can see in many dresses.

In 1985 the queen wearing the dress to attend the meeting of heads of state of Qatar's party.

The dress was a waist, you can get a glimpse of the young queen is very perfect figure link.

In February 1965, Queen Elizabeth's visit to Ethiopia wore a jeweled green silk embroidery skirt, the special feature is that skirt is a color of the flag of Ethiopia.