Miranda Kerr sun big diamond ring to marry rich handsome 90! Star sun from dove eggs to come to a more fierce...

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Miranda Kerr sun big diamond ring to marry rich handsome 90! Star sun from dove eggs to come to a more fierce...

2016-07-23 15:02:41 435 ℃

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Ah...... Abuse single (show) (EN) dog (love) every year, this year is particularly much, today the scraper, Mo too supermodel Miranda & middot; pleasant promised her rich handsome boyfriend to marry him, she said: "I said yes!!! & quot;

Her figure is a hand wearing a diamond ring features, and the cartoon version of rich handsome scene.

Main scope incidentally, Miranda, pleasant rich handsome boyfriend Spiegel long such NaBH NaBH associate at Stanford, snapchat, founder of the world most young hundreds of millions of dollars of the rich (2014 Spiegel's assets as high as $14 billion, 90 little meat than Miranda seven years younger).

Do you think the main fan to 8 Miranda pleasant and rich handsome love story today? Young Too. Young people don't understand my routine ah ~ ~ ~ ~ they story van subjective years old this hour on 8 A, want to see can hope at the end of this key word response guidelines (there) today fan main care is details, details: her hand ring.

According to foreign media reports, Simon g. jewelry, a specialized dating brand CEO visual Miranda & middot; pleasant the diamond ring in between carat 1.75~2.5, material is platinum or platinum, the value of about 7.5 million dollars to 10 million dollars (about RMB 50~66 million yuan),.

News like smoke, today scraper, do you still remember Miranda, pleasant and former "Prince of the elves" Orlando & middot; worn by bloom in a way that only about 3 to 4 Carat elliptic inlaid ring? ~

Regardless of who is in the road, regardless of the past is still at the moment, regardless of domestic or foreign, female stars in the hands of a total of 1 (~N) flash blind eat melon masses titanium alloy dog eyesBig! Drill! Ring!Dove egg"......

The reason is very simple, Monroe's words can make the unknown people filled with wisdom:"Are girl's Best Friend Diamonds"

If it is still (four) is not very white, fan master can only speak a little bit of a point is not implicit ~


Dove egg"Enough is enough., eye-catching, can meet the girl's vanity;

The "dove egg" meaning all understand, sweet loving engagement ring,Show of affectionNot two choice;

The "dove eggs known to all"Very expensive, very expensive.At the same time, in the show of affection, but also a rich dazzle;

The "dove egg" high value, small volume,Easy to carryCan whenever and wherever possible, a high-profile show of affection.

It is Girl's best firend~

The next time, and fan the main way to see the female star and they can not be divorced from the "dove egg".

- - () - -!!


Why is the first one to pull out of the slide is Baby? Because she and Miranda & middot; Keren routines in exactly the same way, unified said - ins hand big close-up ring form, even the composition are similar (for "front)

Nothing more than the baby's diamond ring more Hao some is crowned & middot CHAUMET Josephine; love series of diamond crown, 5.53 carat pear shaped dif magnitude diamond and 73 teeth bright type diamond cutting is adopted, Yellow Sect of Lamaism owner has spent a million to buy.

Taiwan2 Cathy Chui

When it comes to Dove eggs, it is inevitable that Cathy Chui. She married into the student Zhu students, dove eggs is her daily. This wedding photo on Cathy Chui's position, calledTextbook style show dove egg(- Omega - ´ ") change her 5 carat diamond ring wedding, Hong Kong media reported the value of 16 million 800 thousand yuan.

5 carat size is also quite popular, Cathy Chui's most famous diamond ring, is the birthday husband sent 20 karat diamond. 20 carat is really big, feel than her fingers are thick, do not want to make people's attention is difficult.

Taiwan3 Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi's famous dove egg has two. One is the half of the British teacher Wang sent 9.15 carat red diamond jewelry Moussaieff. Because of the red diamond is doubly rare color drill, Taiwan media reported the industry estimate that the teacher Wang this diamond ring value between 7000 to 8000 million NT is RMB 1400 to 1600 million.

Wang Feng above to send the ring no figure no, Zhang Ziyi also when the hour of Zhang, former vivi sent 12 carat pigeon eggs, past but does not leave the hand of. 360° a full range of dove pictures show a grab a picture of the former 12 carat dove eggs, in 2007 when the valuation of up to $3 million, nearly 20 million yuan. That will be the children of the stars of the dove eggs, than at the moment strange ~

Fan main feeling domestic female star is not considered the main crowd of dove eggs, the United States and Europe is really good circle.

TaiwanFourKardashian Kim

Recently personally pitched in to help her husband Kanye (Kanye) and mycophenolate mycophenolate (Taylor Swift) tear force Kardashian (Kim Kardashian), must be the owner of the huge pigeon eggs.

The classic open fingers, her engagement dove egg is 15 carat, valued 8 million dollars, about 50000000 yuan.

Kardashian's dove eggs, not the biggest only bigger. The former NBA star Humphries Kris has proposed the use of dove's eggs with 20.5 carat - 16.21 carat stone, and both sides of the side of a 1.8 carat stone (?) A stone at the side of the people are much larger than the main stone in the general people get married ah (like `] ') like (- spent at that time former 200 million dollars, that is, more than 13 million yuan.

Later, Kim Kardashian and former on the. 20 carat diamond is former to $62 million Ping Gu to the others (: not only was "really is a sad story.

TaiwanBeckham 5.Victoria

Tony dove eggs, not only the size of a large, and a number of more, called dove's egg industry model. Because so far, Beckham has sent her 13 dove eggs.

Later year more than a year, her dove more and more eggs, open to write an article. The main fan put a major set you feel ok.

TaiwanSixAniston Jennifer

She is a generation of God drama "Friends" in the Rachel, a lot of friends of childhood memories. This is Jennifer in 2012 when the engagement ring, rose 10 carat diamond. Foreign media reports, there are two kinds of statement, said the ring worth $1 million, the other said the value of $500 thousand, slightly different...... Converted into RMB, the price range is about 3000000 ~600 more than ten million.

TaiwanLavigne 7.Avril

Rock star Avril, at the moment the master of the most familiar sentenceDon't know if she's saying it.I have tattoos, smoking, drinking and swearing, but I know I'm a good girl "...... Anyway, her engagement ring is also greatly egg a dove (though later from......)

This picture is more clear. The dove egg's main stone has 10 carat, the edge of the group set added up to 4 Carat, worth $about 2300000, 350 thousand yuan.

TaiwanCarey 8.Mariah

Days after the singer Maria · Kylie's new year dove eggs, is shocked a public buddy. This year year her tycoon boyfriend Russia still at dinner took out a gold 35 carat pigeon eggs to ask her to marry him, she immediately cheerful hand did not know where to put it / (/ /, / w /, / /) /

What position results this diamond is so big sigma (& deg;] & deg; |||) figure feeling infection component NaBH NaBH value up to $750 million, more than 50 million yuan.

TaiwanKelly 9.Grace

Is a female star, is the princess of Monaco Grace & middot; Kelly, her pigeon eggs from her husband Monaco Prince Rainier III. The size is 10.47 carats, valued at $4 million 60 thousand, or about 27000000 yuan. What is the royal family ~ 2

There is a detail, Monaco Princess Grace · dove's egg is a brand of, from Cartire.

Finally, veteran actress Elizabeth van first resorted to · Taylor! Her dove egg phase, can spike a public actress. Dove has so much because of her eggs (* o *)

33.19 carat, worth $8 million 800 thousand, about 60 million yuan. This is what the concept is about to one hundred million ah fan friends! (Ni Ping face.Gif)

PS: fan main wrote an article "conquer the 32 year old Miranda & middot; pleasant 90, is in the world the most young & quot; billionaire & quot;", speaking is she and unmarried rich handsome husband's story. In business, Fangong dialog box, answer "." you can see.

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