The 9 stage approach to solve the embarrassing bangs, say goodbye to the barber!

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The 9 stage approach to solve the embarrassing bangs, say goodbye to the barber!

2016-07-23 15:03:47 277 ℃

There is a girl and enqiu Qingqiu between each Barber

Yang Mi lob heads you want hot air star you want to cut bangsI don't understand him! Click the make you question the most basic trust between people

From the barber shop out of the heart feeling really speechless

Can only use the face pack to express feelingsYou

Especially the summer

Bangs is always a very awkward questions remain, hot forehead acne

Cut off, afraid to face too ugly and

Who have the same sister to take the master of this group of PA awkward period bangs learned you are the goddess temperament has!The hands of the Party suggested that the first preservation!


You come

One, 46 points to reverse the fixed

Difficulty index:.

Suitable for: round or narrow forehead girl

37, two side edge of the three strand plus

Difficulty index:.

Suitable for: the fringe is inevitable and the length of the sweet girl.

Three, short bangs easily fixed torsion

Difficulty index:.

Suitable for: Liu is very short, and the face is not long the girl

46, three points bilateral plus four strands

Difficulty index: * * *

Suit: face is narrow, the sister that can increase facial stereo feeling

Five, 37 bow hair

Difficulty index: assumes

Suitable for: girls under the age of 20

Six, three share plus braid

Suitable for: the woman face

Seven, 37 break up fixed

Difficulty index:.

Suitable for: hair amount or short of the brow of the girl

Eight, three shares plus bilateral bangs & Head braid

Difficulty index: assumes.

Suitable for: clever girl (ha ha ha

37, nine points bilateral torsion fixed

Difficulty index:.

Suitable for the crowd: light mature

Last sentence: take the elder sister like ninth hair styles, simple and temperament, you choose the first few?

The girl was a flop and top probability will be higher.

See the number like comment more than to a sister, silently jealous of me, finally resolution! Zambia! The!