Recently, the goddess who are wearing, but not expensive!

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Recently, the goddess who are wearing, but not expensive!

2016-07-23 16:04:07 309 ℃

There is a beauty, wanqing. Fresh and beautiful black and white with, like a beautiful and piano. Elegant and graceful, elegant and refined. Three different fabric splicing, diversity, but not conflict. Complement each other, the integration of appropriate benefits. Side of the lace and the back of the black stitching gives a visual difference, no matter from which point of view, how to see, are very thin.

Light blue make people calm, in the tone, quietly look for ancient books, implication grade book. Large - cool and comfortable, the version stretched long and short in front of the human body proportion, to easily create a big legs. Part of the sleeve is very unique, with a little lantern sleeve means in the inside, the use of elastic foam satin material, permeability and comfort are very strong, feel very soft, elegant and charming.

How can the summer a little all-match sling? The traditional white tape to be replaced with the good-looking, flavor of ginger, before the segmentation technique, the overall temperament on an entirely new look.

This kind of bump is not very rare? Summer is to be beautiful out of the ordinary! Two kinds of different colors before and after stitching together, really should be the phrase "near and far different", give a person the feeling of a bright. Before and after the side is not connected, very loose, free, free from bondage. There is a thin belt as a front and rear connection point, the wind is not afraid of the wind gone!

To see the finished product, I was really fascinated, and the most important thing is that this piece of clothes do not pick people, how to take how to wear are particularly good looking. Elegant grey and white stitching is very quiet and elegant, the breast segmentation is significantly thinner!!! Behind the small backless irregular hem, elegant and unique, look far, like the lotus flower in early puberty as pure and charming.

Liberation cool first step, is to release your thigh baby ~ ~ this BF loose wind spice edition T-shirts are really underestimated ~ ~ did not limit the size and weight style, any style of MM can manage yo ~ ~ show significantly thin leg length is also very fashionable, red and white two colors are beautiful ~ ~

Wear the now popular normal skew collar collar. This is really stupid family ash often intimate yo ~ ~ shoulder Strapless design, small dew sweet shoulder did not seem too common ~ ~

Lips T-shirt, this pattern of Meng Da and special wood have ~ ~ this permeability is very good ~ ~ small shoulder design is exquisite, sexy little wood ~ ~ fabric is breathable and comfortable Da, hang down feeling permeability are very good ~ ~ white wild color yo ~ ~ in the closet so many simple but drab T-shirts to wear tired of it, then try this money ~ ~


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