10 seconds to tell you what the girl's hair in the eyes of boys is like

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10 seconds to tell you what the girl's hair in the eyes of boys is like

2016-07-23 16:04:11 310 ℃

You just trim the bangs girlfriends can see at a glance; however, you do pruning, coloring, nursing and also compiled a fishbone braid, men just think you just tie a pigtail only. Man for "woman's hair" this thing of cognitive often simply to make you vomit blood, which is multifarious, his eyes woman hairstyle, really only five models only.

"Wet water" sexy wet hair; elegant and fresh princess with head up, with distinct personality pick hair; punk band side edge tie hair... This is just what you think, these men in the eyes of only long hair.

Modified face contour of BoB head? The first explosion tidal range of hot? Oil head simple docile? After combing domineering exposed...... These are just short hair in the eyes of men.

The spiral elastic roll; charming hair curls; fluffy curled corn; retro corrugated intellectual volume...... Those who really exist in the eyes of girls, in the eyes of men, they are just curly hair.

High slope braided young energetic, playful Double Braid lovely; exquisite gorgeous fishbone braid; braided hair clips...... Men know this, in their eyes, they're just a pony tail.

What is a smooth and clean? What is the wreath of dew? What is the hair create new styles? And the sharp flower head...... In the eyes of men they are up to.

So, the girls hair of the matter and bestie talked!