This summer to take off a single, not how these skirts line!

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This summer to take off a single, not how these skirts line!

2016-07-23 16:04:15 401 ℃

Elegant commuter wind suit and vest capable neat, tie-in chiffon vest, following with irregular skirt, elegant fashion. Three piece design, collocation!

Temperament dress, the body is hook flower hollow design! Exquisite unique, vaguely revealed some small sexy oh! Mosaic gauze skirt, elegant appearance; in a long section of dress, design two, fashion temperament oh!

Cut lace stitching, more three-dimensional, rich visual effects, V type V shape face collar design. A character skirt version, but also to set off the legs, making the legs more slender lines

Simple design, sweet fashion modeling, the chest of lotus leaf edge stitching design, get rid of the monotonous routine dress, visual novelty oh! With vertical hollow ornament. Vaguely revealed that some small sexy, hot summer wear it, the United States and the United States

Upper body own intellectual temperament of a dress, sleeveless design wears cool and comfortable, waist chalaza design beam slender waist, date, or to work in all the right Oh.

Sweet temperament of a ah, H version of the super good cover meat. Neutral colors, unique charm of women. Comfortable knit fabric, wear it to the United States and the United States Travel

Lady lovely mosaic stripe Organza Dress, full range of princess is minus age to sell Meng necessary tide models, the pattern of vertical stripes make your stature is slender.

The very texture of a shirt dress, intellectual lapel, loose version, modified significantly thin oh! The predecessor of the cartoon with multiple elements of the cloth, delicate and beautiful, fashionable and eye-catching. Just perfect were exposed legs, oh! A good upper body effect Oh


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