You don't learn to dress up Liu Yan! Custom! Or the beauty of Fan Bingbing!

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You don't learn to dress up Liu Yan! Custom! Or the beauty of Fan Bingbing!

2016-07-23 16:04:22 430 ℃

Although a lot of small beautiful eyebrow eyebrow are very envious of the chest, but you made it? General in the United States eyebrow arms are more meat, also cause the shoulder width, accidentally is very easy to put into the tiger bear waist back, looked very strong! So how to shoulder a big chest girl dress was thin?

1 to try to avoid too much decoration chest

This chest too many folds or decorative clothes, will only look on your chest, highlighting the chest, the chest big crush or to try to avoid!

Normal model: chest to be concise

The chest had no pattern or modified T-shirt, suitable for big chest crush, simple and thin

2 to avoid high collar and small collar

Collar clothes can only let your chest looks more outstanding, and it is easy to look round shouldered, in shoulder Meimei remember must not choose turtleneck.

Normal demonstration: V collar, big U collar

This V clothes can visually lengthen the neck line, make people look more slender, very suitable for big chest shoulder crush

3 as far as possible to avoid thin straps

Liu Yan wear the thin shoulder straps sling clothes easily look like a Obasan, feeling very burly, so spaghetti strap is in the United States eyebrow taboo

Normal demonstration: wide shoulder strap

The chest big crush choose the sling is, as far as possible to choose Fan Bingbing this wide straps of the sling.

4 do not wear bubble sleeve, huge shoulder pads

This bubble sleeve only makes the shoulder look more stout, pectoralis major shoulder crush must shop.

This simple style loose sleeve is fit for shoulder crush

5. Try to avoid tight cuffs.

Jiang Xin clung to the arms of the clothes have to choose, it is easy to appear the arm is very rough, give people a strong feeling.

Normal model: loose cuffs

This loose cuff can not only cover the thick arms, but also the best place to show the arm, it is very thin.

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