So the pants worn next to the skin is really ugly! Learn how Song Jia is really beautiful!

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So the pants worn next to the skin is really ugly! Learn how Song Jia is really beautiful!

2016-07-23 16:04:27 501 ℃

In recent days is probably due to the drop in temperature the A's sake, street wearing exposed hate naked people less, but began a new round of visual torture and various pants don't know from where they buy, wear on the body to ugly is ugly, also is very cheap, like these pants so worn next to the skin really ugly ah, or let the stars teach you how to wear pants.

A plain old jeans, do not know how to put into this kind of meat to go out of the situation, because the legs are too thick, or the pants are too tight.

The buttocks so flat also wear this tight pants, inadvertently revealed the shortcomings of the whole, from the T-shirt with the point of view, the beauty of clothing goods is not how.

So broken stockings where you find the ah, but you really do not know how to heat insulation, but also do not look good, do not heat insulation, do not know what you figure.

The beauty and purple chess, like love to wear leather pants, but the leather trousers as G.E.M.? And two buttocks are light.

Figure is really good, but your upper body wearing a sweater, lower body and wear a Pentium dew buttocks shorts, you exactly is hot or cold.

Guli Nazha has been very love various cowboy suspenders skirt and pants, overalls, wear this minute let you return to the age of twenty.

Small Songjia so shorts are very tidal range of children at the same time is also a very significant with long legs and big, general small series have never seen, what to wear black silk.

Suspenders trousers like Ma Sichun so wear, wear loose pants than tight fitting pretty much, do not need to very complex elements take can be a good look.

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