Super yacht beauty is not beautiful? Key look stern!

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Super yacht beauty is not beautiful? Key look stern!

2016-07-23 16:04:43 379 ℃

To tell you the truth, see so many super yacht, found that designers rarely make a big fuss in the bow design. After all, by the constraints of the shape of the hull.

But the stern was different, and one thousand yachts had one thousand stern shapes. So, really want to judge a super yacht beauty is not beautiful, the design of the stern is the key. Designers can learn from the following several super yacht.


Lok Shun shipyard in 2012 to launch the 85 meters of the super yacht ACE, by the famous design studio to create the famous temperature. The designer's design is amazing. Ship in the middle of the upper palace like building each layer has a spacious and comfortable stern terrace and stairs on both sides of the ship can be direct access to the third floor of the deck, with visual extension of a sense of the symmetrical design let ace stern highly aesthetic impact.


Lenard Nuvolari outline of the appearance, AlbertoPinto drawing room, this ship 81.27 meters of NERO ALFA in 2007 in the OCEANCO shipyard. You say the flat extension of the hydrophilic platform design has not surprising, stern transparent swimming pool configuration now sub ah ultra boat is also very common. But what you need to know is that this yacht is the first craft to attempt this kind of design, and she is the pioneer.


Blohm+Voss yacht manufacturing appearance is exceptionally is known to in 2010 to complete the construction of the palladium, designer Michael leach curve design let her completely conforms to the shipyard demand for "not normal", therefore, let her stern has made all the difference. Round shape of the stern so that people do not want to have a look at the eyes, taste what it looks like.


The ship as the name suggests, CAKEWALK looks like a layer cake the wedding ceremony. Derecktor yacht built in 2010 to complete the super boat, the legend of this is since 1930, the United States is the largest shipyard built yachts. Although most people believe that the description of a super yacht built like a multi-layer cake is not a compliment, but such a large amount of multi layer cake is rare, the other is to win in the "big".


Time and again the HEMISPHERE, the ship Pendennis shipyard produced 44.2 meter yacht is currently the world's largest catamaran. There is no one of his word? From port to starboard wall wall net length is 16.6 meters! Any extra boats are difficult to match. Coupled with the stability of the catamaran natural advantage, whether it is from the bow or stern in the past, like HEMISPHERE a piece of light leaf rose above sea level. Let out roaring waves and she still subdued.