Why is it sexy?

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Why is it sexy?

2016-07-23 16:04:50 357 ℃

Sicily beautiful legend, Monica BELLUCCI is wearing a thick heels sedulously to walk in the old town, rounded thighs stride withstand skirts, suspenders contour, then stockings is not elastic band, no Garter would slip down. The camera director gave a big close-up, sexy to the male silent tears!! Of course, but also because of wear in the body of Monica, two pole legs can not imagine...

The only woman to Monica Bellucci or Sophie Marceau so long to gods!! Now those so-called goddess are going to make shoes...


Lines caused by three-dimensional sense of space, you can better shape the legs revealed, and the level of contrast. Under normal circumstances the leg only contour, which is why see wear mini skirt sister first from skirts began to see, the two lines are the simplest and the most direct and subtle changes, easier to enter the field of vision and symmetrical lines or graphics will people for the first time to pay attention to. Joined in the sling, it will make the other two plane leg volume are highlighted, forming the contour of the entire leg of the three-dimensional space perspective feeling more strongly, is one eye can see leg thickness mellow feeling, coupled with black translucent stockings fine texture and skin texture contrast, namely the mysterious and clear, but looming, a sharp increase human instinct of curiosity and exploration desire. Careful study found that wearing a black silk legs more people look at the eye, but also to observe the black silk when people look at the eyes of an inch of stay forward to stay. So the better the texture of the sling stockings, the more can the leg contour and texture details reflect the perfect. Like a painting, of course, the premise is that the owner of the painting on the back to you.

Daily wear leaked Garter is a very low, will only make people feel this girl is frivolous, and wear leakage lace stay-up edge similarly!

SEXY GARTER in women set of underwear, socks and echoes of the suit effect to send his girlfriend underwear I dare not only send one piece! Only a garter belt is a lace!

Sao year, you are still young

First of course, sexy and feminine itself figure and a great relationship

I think the naked beauty has an original feeling, but it is slightly more delicate and refined.

Then a woman's foot itself is suggestive of thigh and calf is sexy imagine a picture is directly the whole body another is from wearing high heels foot gradually to I think the latter more to male lethality

Stockings gradually gradually to the thigh root did not see a look is two tapes attached to the top of this I think it is a hint of strengthening to tell you to focus on the

Or that sentence straightforward call you see a woman's private parts a bit meaning also did not have the the guide all of a sudden have found the desire to have a taste

(you can look at the Dorcel Marc out of a series called pornochic I think there is a good interpretation of the beauty of this)

Add and contrast stockings and the pantyhose while the two can also increase a kind of hazy beauty but stockings (with no less tape) is the kind of sling sling also increased a stressed of course women's sense of vulnerability here a person of good things have a primitive desire of destruction so it looks fragile beauty can arouse the male impulse another example is many women like to watch GV and so on is in fact a primitive of gay men (to a party) to destroy what I feel greatly tights before they played an important reason (I think) is in more trouble ah so there are open a crotch open crotch is more sexy than some but I think it is more a sexy stuff.