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Interesting | I won't tell others, the following is a senior fashion fine know niche destination

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In lively circle of friends, one day to a Tokyo, Taipei, Kowloon, Paris four fashion scraper tour, also not impossible... But, those are the tourists to the place! Now, we put conscience photo sharing initiative in your hand, with us together and approached five super wear fashionable woman, to five the fashion capital of the world to explore zero visitors, only the locals knew modern coordinate, Paul you brush burst circle of friends, and learn their dressing after.

Antwerp, BelgiumAntwerp, Belgium

Valkiers Sofie:Fashion blogger, Fashionata founder, founder

1.Hi, say hello to everyone, introduce yourself.

My name is Valkiers Sofie, is the founder of the fashion blog Fashionata. My boyfriend, Marcio, and Bobke, the big gray cat, live in Antwerp, Belgium. I wrote a book about the trend of the fashion, called "Black Book Little".

In addition, my life is also the founder of the brand SANUI, SANUI mainly sell my design inspiration from the Brazilian town Itacar Poincar luxurious aromatherapy candle Itacar e is one of the place I love the most in this world.

2 at this moment, you are wearing?

I love the most, culottes off the shoulder top, also mix several bracelet. I love the texture of thick culottes, such as suede material, then collocation thin off the shoulder is perfect. I have always stressed the bracelet mix, the more the better, the more fashionable.

I usually take Cartier Watch mix Tiffany T series retro gold bracelet and coupled with interesting small details, such as bright red braided tassels bracelet.

3 in the field of fashion and art, Belgium's contribution to the world is?

Here lies the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, which is one of the world's oldest art institutions (founded in 1663!) To train the next generation of top designers: from VanNoten Dries, Simons Raf, Margiela Martin to HaiderAckermann, more than one can not enumerate.

From here out of a strong designer innovation awareness, break the normal procedure is their masterpiece. I am proud of living in a bursting of fashion inspiration.

4 in the summer of Antwerp, how do people wear?

Like other cities in Belgium, Antwerp has a lot of street, not suitable for wearing high heels. We prefer sports and leisure style, such as the leotard and oversize pants, mix white shoe this kind of flat shoes, handsome boy wind is most common.

5 your summer classic mix is?

Which one is the most indispensable fashion item? I love a wear colorful summer, but I love the bright collocation with deep red clothes accessories. I also love makeup with high light and makes the skin look supple and vitality. My summer essential single product is Ace& jig Strapless navy blue dress, cotton fabric texture comfortable, particularly close to the skin, blue and white checkered pattern design a bit retro feeling.

6 most worth buying local gifts?

Belgium has the best chocolate in the world! Go PierreMarcolini to buy chocolate bar, you can buy how much to buy, to ensure that you do not regret it!

7 this summer must not be missed the fashion goods?

O.P.I "the I 's have it" series, this nail polish awesome, instant light your body look, deserve to act the role of the most simple and economical; a pair can match long skirt sandals; a set of the United States and the United States, when Swimwear Underwear; a fun accessories, such as Anya Hindmarch rainbow packs, even in tough working days can also help you to add a playful, and classic weaving straw can avoid exposure in your hair and skin.

8 on the weekend, you will take us where to go?

If you have time to walk in Antwerp, you can go to Bloemen Baltimore flower shop. The owner is the heart of people, before the Raf Simons that Dior's memorable high Dingxiu the flower from his hand. Enes and Renaissance both buyers shop is also worth a visit, there are many avant-garde design brand, such as Filles, Papa.

You can also take the time to go to the Fashion Museum, Museum Mode, where there are a number of historic collections and exhibitions. When it comes to food, do not miss the "Jane The" restaurant, it is in an old church, the inside of the design is very good. In order to surprise, I do not play, you have to go to see personally.

Single product recommendation

Rocha Simone flat bottomed slippers

O.P.I nail oil

Marie Fernandez Lisa swimsuit

Eugenia Kim straw hat

Hindmarch Anya rainbow handbag

SANUI candle

Milan, ItalyMilan Italy

Jean Stella: Fashion Designer

1.Hi, say hello to everyone, introduce yourself.

Hello, I'm Stella Jean, a fanatical "mashups lovers", time, place, memories and traditions mixed together throughout the my whole life. In fidenza shopping village will continue to August of the CreativeSpot (international independent designer boutiques) project specifically for StellaJean opened boutique fashion area.

2 at this moment, you are wearing?

A white neutral T-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of Raffia slippers in the summer of 2016.

3 in the field of fashion and art, Italy's contribution to the world is?

Italy is one of the few countries in the world who can boast of its history and culture. Here, we have transformed the creativity of craftsmen and designers into high quality products. It is also the largest number of sites in the world heritage list. The traditional value, is our unique place, but we do not lack of industrialization and the times of innovation and technology.

In recent years, a new generation of designers and fashion brand in Italy has also launched a wave of renaissance. Now Italy's fashion industry has given young people more hope and support than ever before. Many organizations, such as camera Nazionale dellaModa (Italian national fashion chamber of Commerce), Altaroma Fashion Festival, Pitti exhibition, fidenza shopping village the creative spot (international independent designer boutiques) projects, actively promote the traditional Italian manufacture, create more opportunities for young people.

4 most worth buying local gifts?

A from Saint-Soleil Haitian schools Aboriginal 1970 art works and their handmade lemon grass soap (it is Haitian Hill plant extracts organic essential oils made from Da). Papillon enterprise production, design of Therd Pascale, on a metal plate made of coffee crafts and Paula Coles bag.

An hour's drive from downtown Milan, Fidenza shopping village has become a fashion shopping mall in the young people will go shopping. In addition to the beautiful scenery and comfortable environment, more from Parma's old taste of cheese and ham, can be used as a letter to bring home.

5 this summer must not be missed the fashion goods?

A pair of straw slippers, a retro swimsuit and nude color nail polish.

6 in your heart, what is modern?

It is a style with a strong personal mark, a person's curiosity, family memories, life experience and some bold and ironic elements, combined with the shape of its unique.

7 more and more young people want to enter the fashion industry, do you have any good suggestions?

Don't underestimate the importance of social media, never ignore communication. For the brand, the most benefit is in a continuous exchange and dialogue process, to accept a variety of feedback and point of view. In Jean Stella, the most direct communication is the most effective communication.

Single product recommendation

A Le Fu suede shoes Bally

Dress March11@

Flat bottomed slippers Jean Stella

Paris, FranceFrance

Yuyu: Fashion blogger, buyers Consultant1.Hi, say hello to everyone, introduce yourself.

Hello, Hello, everyone, I am Yuyu, base in Paris buyers consultant and 3 Language Fashion blogger, I have their own blog, will at fashion week visit each big media share comments.

2 at this moment, you are wearing?

Vuitton Louis this year's early spring show, I like the Nicolas on the pattern and the details of the deal, he can put all the patterns together, harmonious and beautiful, too wonderful.

3 in the field of fashion and art, France's contribution to the world is?

Paris is a steady stream of inspiration and avant-garde representatives, fashion and the art of the pilgrimage to the Holy land.

4 in the summer of Paris, how do people wear?

The French dress to the simple, a top, a pair of jeans shorts, a pair of flat sandals, is the most comfortable, the most French style of summer dress.

5 your summer classic mix is?

Crop Top or T-shirt collocation denim shorts, wearing a pair of sandals or sneaker.

6 this summer must not be missed the fashion goods?

The grass slope with shoes, Rome shoes, or Strapless strap shoulder jacket, Gucci buckle, tassel satchel, denim shorts.

7 on the weekend, you will take us where to go?

Be sure to go to the Marias Le area for a cup of coffee, a breakfast, I recommend CAF fragment E, their home coffee and snacks super delicious. After, you can go to Ofr.Librairie, Galerie. In reading, where in addition to the latest fashion magazine, there will be many merchant essence carry fine anthology book, shop at the entrance of the window is written beautiful books, really! Reading is a kind of enjoyment. In addition, you must leave some time for

Tom Greyhound and the broken arm, which is two super good shopping boutiques, buyers look unique accurate, in here to buy clothes, Zhuangshan probability is very small. Broken Arm The also offers a delicious healthy salad and dessert, do not eat will regret oh. Vintage D Sir is located in a vintage shop on the street Rosa Marlay District, Paris most will wear the young people here to buy clothes. Finally, go to the bar restaurant Perchoir Le on the balcony to see the sunset, drink a cocktail, as a day of finishing, happy.

8 more and more young people want to enter the fashion industry, do you have any good suggestions?

Be sure to be yourself, share your style with you, or what you think is a good thing, find your way, and stick to it.

Single product recommendation

Yves Saint Laurent leather tassel Satchel

Stockholm, SwedenStockholm, Sweden

Carlryd Monki Caroline: Design Director

1.Hi, say hello to everyone, introduce yourself.

Hello, everyone. My name is Carlryd Caroline. It is an honor to serve as a design director at Monki for nearly three years! Before I do the design and management work in other brands.

2 in the summer of Sweden, how do people wear?

Denim shorts with a very cool comfortable jacket; or a contour shaped comfortable summer dress, match a pair of shoes or sandals. Very cool, very comfortable!

3 in the field of fashion and art, Sweden's contribution to the world is?

Sweden has a very open, acceptance and learning attitude towards all the world's new cultures and things. We love to travel, because we love to discover new things! The Swedish people can absorb and transform the foreign culture and the thing well, and can combine their own creativity, use in the business.

4 this summer must not be missed out of fashion goods is?

Ready to to explore, to find the girl, wearing a denim shorts, paired with baggy boyfriend wind T - shirts, Baseball Jacket and a light, can say to walk and then walk. Like a hundred percent comfortable girl, with a white tight tee lap lap belt skirt. Trendy urban girls, of course, to wear a shirt, with a long skirt.

5 on the weekend, you will take us where to go?

The Swedish people love their coffee very much. So, I will take you to the southern Stockholm coffee, which is full of fashionable people and "hippies". S o der region g o tgatan24 Muggen (Swedish for "Cup"), known as Sweden Fika (a cake) and wonderful good coffee is a secretive and bohemian shops, absolutely make you pleasantly surprised again and again.

You must not miss the islands. Think about it, there are 30 thousand islands waiting for you! Just take a friend and your picnic basket on the line. Summer in the Swedish islands, like a cliff on the impromptu music party. Might as well from the Strandv from Gen or STR? Mkajen of sitting ferry trip. Good luck, but also catch up with a trip to the ancient steam ship oh.

In the end, I have to recommend the latest Monki store located in Kungsgatan. Its architectural design will be worth your special visit, the dome of the shop by a myriad of golden mirror dome metal, the staircase is a rainbow in the Nordic sky. Walk in the shop, you will be able to deeply feel the modern simplicity of Sweden, the fairy tale of the natural world, as well as the spirit of fun Monki.

Single product recommendation

Suede Sandals Isabel Marant

Tank vest dress Splendid @

London, UKLondon, England

Earl Marks & Spencer; Belinda: styling director

1.Hi, say hello to everyone, introduce yourself.

I am Earl Marks, & Belinda; Spencer's styling director. I work together with the team in Martha Clothing & Home, to provide modern products for customers. In the work, I often communicate with the customers and the media, have a lot of time with the big coffee industry exchange.

2 at this moment, you are wearing?

Martha when the season the most popular British long navy blue dress, a new Autograp goat leather jacket and Walsh sports shoes.

3 in the field of fashion and art, the UK's contribution to the world is?

British style is an international fashion style and the influence of the one and only. There are so many things happening in the field of fashion and art, especially in London. Saint Martin's influence is particularly prominent, and many exciting new shows are in Saint Martin's career.

4 in the summer of London, how do people wear?

Chung Alexa is an excellent example of the fashionable British style of dress. She is a typical representative of the British fashion girl, so she knows it. We have a new mini series is working with her of, called the archive by Alexa, we hope every item of clothing can truly reflect the British classic style.

Alexa like Effie skirt, which reminded her of a student, if you ask her, she will be tell you that if you spend the whole day on the outside, the mini summer dress is the perfect choice.

5 on the weekend, you will take us where to go?

Let's open a new day in Daylesford's Marylebone for breakfast. Victoria and Albert Museum is a must visit, you can not only see new things, fashion can also trace back through the ages. You can also in Notting Hill Portobello Road market to find their own ancient treasures. The new Dover street market, chaos with beauty, filled with multiple fusion, you don't miss. British heritage as a landmark.

Caf e Royal hotel is also worth a go, in the Wilde Oscar bar tasting afternoon tea, will give you an unforgettable impression. There are many excellent buildings worth London tours, such as the solemn Battersea power station, British Museum and a large atrium.

It is recommended that you end the day's journey in Hotel Mirror's Room Rosewood, where there is an unforgettable mirror wall device. If there is time, you can go to the center of the knight bridge stroll Hyde Park.

6 in your heart, what is modern?

Fashion, always around design and innovation, but the most important is to make people comfortable and confident wearing it. When you agree with a popular trend, do not have to go all out for it, do not be afraid to use their own way to show.

7 more and more young people want to enter the fashion industry, do you have any good suggestions?

Seize every opportunity, do not hide your enthusiasm, inspire your inspiration, the courage to practice

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