Stripe is never out of date elements, put on it you are fashion!

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Stripe is never out of date elements, put on it you are fashion!

2016-07-21 03:04:38 322 ℃

Classic style, the upper body effect is very good, because it is very easy to loose, oh, oh, the addition of stripe elements for this dress a lot of extra points Oh

Korean V striped short sleeved knit T-shirt collar color, pink and white collocation, make the dress full of beautiful girls.

The Korean version of the simple color fringe perspective thin long sleeved loose and casual sweater, it looks very cool.

Small woman simple classic chest bow tie vertical striped short sleeved shirt, vertical stripes is necessary elements of thin

Special recommend this blouse, really good-looking! Broad stripe is really very fashionable Oh ~ summer wear comfortable ~ like honey this side more stylish tie ~ which wear a small sling can be, faint sexy

The whole is little short of money very slim. With Strapless design. Western style points ~ ~ joined the design elements of broad sleeve cuff, with the overall pattern is just right.

Color stripe dress, color supernatant new brisk, width and white into color horizontal stripes. More than a visual, upper body also very show thin knee length skirt to reveal temperament and cover the leg meat position the bottom right of the split ends

Striped too much this year so that a special inclined stripe color is very nice green not significant black skin but also significantly compared to white striped diagonal but significantly thinner


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