It is said that more than 80% people are using the wrong mascara, you caught it?

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It is said that more than 80% people are using the wrong mascara, you caught it?

2016-07-21 03:04:41 417 ℃

Eyelashes curved, eyes blink ah blink......

Do you still remember the popular song ten years ago? As saying, the eyelashes are thick and curly and the eyes are really short and sparse than the eyelashes. As a short and thin eyelashes and I, from the beginning of the time to know the beauty, has been very much in the heart of the wood?!

Grafting eyelashes? No, it's too expensive, baby can't afford it!

Eyelash growth? Well, this can be, but it takes time.

False eyelashes? Oh, is always bad, do not want to get.

So, her teacher or selection method is fast and convenient, mascara, eyelash curler to God!

Mascara as a beauty tool, is a lot of mushrooms cool in the make-up when they like to use a product. Mascara can really make your eyelashes become long and variable volume, but it is also very possible because the brush is broken and lower your face value. The mushroom cool or with a look at the teacher coach, you are not in the wrong way to use your mascara.

1, don't first clip volume eyelashes

Mascara to the eyelashes become more roll become warped, but if you want to reach the natural curl and the degree of lengthening, the mushroom cool still need use the eyelash curler. It is best to use the eyelash to clamp the eyelash root, press the handle, hold for 10 seconds and then release a little, slowly move to the direction of the tip of the eyelashes. Can be repeated two times to three times, in order to achieve the desired effect of curl. Entrainment eyelashes need to be coated with mascara before use, coated with mascara and then again, it may cause the eyelashes to break or bend into an unnatural L shape.

2, frequent dip mascara

Some mushrooms cool will be afraid of the amount of mascara is not enough, like the frequent dip mascara. Special not to and fro in the pumping action will make more air into the mascara tube, will not only make Mascara dry faster, but will also affect the quality, make it more easy to agglomerate and spalling, are also more likely to cause the mascara bacteria breeding. The mushroom cool and correct method should be so, when you out of mascara wand, taken out by the circle and on the edge of the nozzle scrape excess mascara. In general, once the amount is enough to brush all the eyelashes.

3, don't brush eyelash root

Due to the eyelash brush dipped in full mascara, mushrooms cool if you start from the beginning of the brush, it is easy to appear "fly legs" effect. So, it is best to start from the roots of eyelashes brush. Brush on the eyelashes, the line of sight is to the front, from the root to the tip of the brush mascara, with the "Z" approach to help eyelashes curl. Can be repeated two times to three times the brush mascara, you can achieve the desired density of it ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

4, did not consider their own eyes

Mushroom cool are not all directly brush eyelashes it? You have wood have found that in fact, can play the role of mascara to beautify the shape of the eye? If you have more than two eyes open, the best part of the eye to increase the amount of eye cream, or in the end of the eye part of a small brush mascara. If you are close to the eye, it is better to add the mascara to the end of the eye. So as to adjust your eye shape, brush out the most appropriate eyelash oh!

5, the use of expired Mascara

Mushrooms cool, whether you have run out of mascara, every three months should be replaced by mascara. Mascara in the dark and humid environment is very suitable for the breeding of bacteria. If the use of expired mascara, it is easy to cause eye irritation, allergy, so, even if you have only two or three Lashes Mascara, and after three months, you should also throw away.

6, brush the eyelashes when too much force

If you are very worried or very hard to apply mascara, the brush is likely to touch the eyelids, paste the paste on the eyelids. Brush after the eyelashes, if there is painted to the eye, you can use a cotton swab dipped in the remover liquid to wipe off the excess mascara.

Mushroom cool, the wrong usage of these mascara, do you also have done it? In the gun to quickly change over oh!