There was flawed, not afraid, they are super wear, pear shape dressing skills

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There was flawed, not afraid, they are super wear, pear shape dressing skills

2016-07-21 03:05:00 679 ℃

We refer to countless street shoot, but want to make their body look a little more perfect. Just supermodel and fashion bloggers street shooting while the United States, but not all people are born with the their beautiful body, but is the star that did not perfect street beat more worthy of reference. This girl will take you to see how they acquired through the efforts to avoid.

Pear shaped body

Usually bring a pear shaped figure of Representatives, we will always think of Kardashian Kim. In fact, everyone will be wearing a Kardashian family, but Kardashian Kourtney's dress style is more practical and simple, her clothes are mostly common basic models, it is easy to duplicate a similar shape.

After all, Kim Kardashian that exaggerated the waist to hip than in life does not see more, Kourtney Kardashian's figure is more common, especially modern women for a long time in front of the desk, how many have such wide hips buttocks troubles.

Error model:Generally speaking, straight tube boyfriend pants are not suitable for pear shaped body.

Correct demonstration:Slim jeans slimmer than her boyfriend. Also note that when worn out jeans with holes, the hole design more concise more thin.

This dark tight leg jeans + slightly exposed skin of the broken hole is the most significant thin.

Error model:Especially in the summer, loose clothing will only make you look more heavy on the visual.

Correct demonstration:

A dress makes you look and manner full.

Error model:Wide leg pants are also cool, is the first choice for many people in the summer, but it is a pear shaped body of the taboo.

Correct demonstration:Compared with the baggy pants and a little stiff trousers was thin, remember the exposed ankle.

White shirt fit jeans, fresh and weight loss.

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