Color lipstick circles 10 winds blowing, Dior said Idon' t care

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Color lipstick circles 10 winds blowing, Dior said Idon' t care

2016-07-21 03:05:30 1497 ℃

That year, Dior is the wisdom of the rejection of other brand lipstick, eighteen Charing Cross Road, just a small list of hills, no one left out.

If not a lipstick is normal, with a light lipstick is out of duty, repurchase is a miracle. That Dior wisdom is used to buy back the wisdom of repurchase repurchase repurchase unlimited miracle.

With everyone and the lip color temperature color adjustment, now think about it, couldn't help beat thigh curse words mother praised the creative handsome shoot! Than P & amp; j a year for a shell dare customization of what the devil (as if every year), which was worthy of "private custom every horizontal and vertical Nai pie.

"If you give me and to others that I do not, but right then it was her endorsement.

In our life, buy explosion models, buy stock are not rare, rare is the one and only buy.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

2016 is a general trend of the year,

Stand up for red,

A new speed makes people hate myself is octopus,

It is not enough to chop hands.

Looking through our family background,

Armani released a new jigglypuff lip glaze,

Brush explosion ins match lipstick,

CPB launched the first lip glaze......

And each one has 8 color, 10 color number,

The one has 18 color number!

No wonder the recent messages are all like this......

But everything is not over,

CL also launched a new 8 Color Lip Glaze a few days ago,

Givenchy fall, as well as a large number of brands on the way to the christmas.

But then again, the new hot Mody, the color is hot, really enough daily, suitable for daily coated with a few?

Look at your house dressing table, how much is the impulse weeding back, but a touch of "the color doesn't suit me at all.", "online color test how not ah, after being idle (buy back used or even idle looked happy tyrant please ignore).

Color change is the best choice for hot!

(the Wuli stream is wiping lipstick color)

Color lipstick lip can immediately induction lips moisture gradient, a suitable for their own different ruddy effect, because the effect is according to a user's lips were automatically adjust and beautify function, so it is suitable for any lip color use and don't have to worry is not suitable for yourself. At the same time increase Lip Polish and lip makeup or makeup effect, everyday you can go out as long as a.

Dior Dior/ powder color lipstick Yang temptation

Pigs sing less sold $195

When it comes to color lipstick, Dior must be the first to bear the brunt of a lot of years ago, the color lipstick on this piece of land, saying that other brands are not too far to follow suit. Even though it is changing with each passing day, it is still a favorite of many people.

The classic pink paragraph will not say. Thin wipe is light pink, wipe a layer of thick lips will become full ruddy luster, the popular color will be much better.

14 year Dior out of the limited edition orange color lipstick, broke the pink of a single hue. Also gave the light ripe age more choice, think pink too tender girl can try orange, basically do not pick pink and age. Looks like the orange is very deep, the mouth is actually not so exaggerated.

(picture @lookit)

Orange lipstick in the paste and texture and the general style is not much difference, but the main color is slightly orange, a little deeper color. Personally think that the color of orange color effect is more natural. The following is the two color contrast, for your reference.

(picture @ Bleater makeup information)

This year, Dior finally out of the gradient series of third colors - Purple lilac.

The color is purple pink, the feeling is more mature than the front two models a little. Very daily, rub greasy pink and orange occasionally try Pink Purple is also good. Just this year plum color is a trend, but not everyone can handle, want to try a raspberry are afraid not hold can try the "Daily Edition raspberry".

Givenchy limited Givenchy pink kidskin Color Lip Balm

The reference price is $350

Givenchy in 2016 is also frequently made the big move, launched a light Yan value can be graded lipstick seckill thousands of girls. New Le Rouge perfecto tube lipstick, the shell is light pink cherry blossoms lambskin packaging super illusion, cosmetic bag by a, every day with the mood to have changed for the better.

Shea Butter add moisturizing ingredients, hyaluronic acid and lip lock water and cool menthol. With the cool and refreshing effect. In effect, the official propaganda is the three one, a collection of lip, lip, 3 functions of natural polish. The whole series is only one color.

Started in natural light look like pale pink lip, glass like the Hydra effect but also and official propaganda is almost the same. In the body temperature and pH value has no obvious change, the overall color is not high.

Try to look on the mouth see video here (30 seconds)

Down to sum up, this color lipstick of a good degree of moisture, but noticeable color slightly worse, but rushed the yen value estimated or stop not chop in military force.

Givenchy Givenchy taboo Color Lipstick kiss

The reference price is $300

In addition to the overhead small Youpigiwrence this year a first two us in the melanization of lipstick "just had recommended this black color lipstick (g home range is broad, shell look is black frigidity series.

Look at the black paste close, very authentic, did not want to go. But the first feeling is still unable to control.

Actual painted out the plum color is very beautiful, yes, you are not wrong, is obviously the black paste, but on the mouth with lips pH and temperature changes will slowly become raspberry like berry color, invisible to the naked eye, although do not see pearl, but overall effect is bright luster.

Breakthrough the traditional transparent colored, this is black pink, Givenchy this is a plum color, light color, moist feeling, faint smell of cosmetics is not strong.

(picture @EshineZeng)

The upper mouth is also very natural, daily use is no problem. Black paste is also very special, very suitable for starting.

(picture @EshineZeng)

Lauder ENVY Estee warm color lip balm

The reference price is $150

Estee Lauder last year on the shelves of the color lipstick, Po people seem not much, but I think it is necessary to carry out to talk about. In fact, EL home of this color change lipstick, whether it is a texture or use a sense of smell, are very close to Dior's lipstick, but the price is slightly lower than it.

Blue packaging, low-key and elegant, but also a magnet switch, very texture.

Pale pink paste has a touch of mint flavor, careful observation will find that the color of the lipstick to be a little more light. The use of color effect is not obvious.

Below is a mouth effect, although in the hands of the color changing effect is not quite apparent, but mouth along with the time variation of the overall color sense will slowly revealed, slightly pink water red also pretty provided complexion. With this backing coated with lipstick is also good, it will make the following more color lipstick.

Homework @ make-up information sheep bleating: Estee Lauder envy feeling warm color lip balm, I think El than Dior to a lot of moisture and endurance or rod, slight mint flavor. The price is also very cute!!! I'll fold it in the back of the lip!

I used a store a rhythm ang! With the monkey

Guerlain Guerlain Kisskiss color change lipstick

Pigs sing less sale $218

Guerlain this changed the old clarinet kiss boring atmosphere, light is white shell is very lovable, smooth textured ceramics, feel very Cishi.

Close to see the paste color and Dior color near, light pink, DIOR color lipstick can do it, she will do.

After the mouth of the new height, the very vitality of the pink, water run through.

My make-up @ Bleater information: Guerlain/ KISSKISS ROSE LIP Guerlain white lipstick. The most let me want to write is the 371 Rose Morning! Pretty pink color paste, not only red, and persistent. Very suitable for use in winter when the color of the lipstick, but also rose fragrance! In a word, this is a lip balm!

Because the color and Dior close, so it can not be used to compare.

(Homework @ @ Bleater makeup information)

In short, this is a lot of the United States and the main feeling has been more than Dior of a color lipstick. If it is difficult to choose, then the meat package personal advice if you want to show a higher degree of color, more rosy some of the choice of Guerlain bar.

007 little black Guerlain color pearlescent color lipstick

The mouth is not expected to become dark, but the unexpected light, that is, the water run Lavender ~ ~.

Light plum color, thin coating is very good-looking, mixed rub is also good, and other lipstick can match a different tune people do not pick, everyone can control.

(picture @27_Maggie)

And the official propaganda effect, the biggest feature is the lipstick moist and sweet. According to the test color blogger I introduced, this lipstick Liuxiang is entirely in unloaded the makeup and can smell channeling to the oral.

BROWN BOBBI limited high moisturizing lip balm

The reference price is $260

Brown Bobbi this year launched the golden tube lipstick called the dark horse of the lipstick industry, moisturizing color, full of dry, the use of a very comfortable feeling. Brown Bobbi recently introduced a lip balm.

Limited white appearance is clean and generous, only a pink Bare color number.

Lip Balm texture, moisture out of the texture, fresh and not sticky, can not afford to skin. Paste with pale pink embellish mouth and lip after fusion of color, natural and beautiful.

Make lips smooth and moist also add complexion, mouth will become very tender pink, not stuffy, than Dior lipstick color more waxy softer, colour is better.

(picture @ Bleater makeup information)

Color is not high, can enhance the vitality of the lip slightly. No difference of moisture, but with the price of the drugstore brands compared to some deficiencies, paste soft easy to melt.

Tendertalk MAC limited edition smart temperature sense of color change

The reference price is $180

Mac in the summer of this year launched Tendertalk Lip Balm series color lipstick, including five kinds of warm color, from pink light peach to such as berries like gaudy purple for different styles of makeup.

Unlike traditional MAC lipstick, bright color is not only a new vintage, and lip and lip effect.

"Five color (from left to right): Candy wrapped (pink), pretty me up (Coral), play with me (red), Teddy Pink (dark pink), side dish (purple).

This series of lipstick on June 2nd in the online sale, June 9th landing MAC major stores and counters, priced at $20 per lipstick.

On the mouth of the color transparent and non stick mouth, texture, moisture, the entire series of color is very clear, very clear, but also very suitable for the use of plain color.

Texture like Huggable series lipstick as hard, texture soft waxy, more smooth than Dior color lipstick. Colour is quite natural and transparent, arm test color overlay the five times, but in fact the mouth will be with lip color mixed in with color deeper.

Wrapped Candy is a hint of pink, a long time to show a deeper color;

Pink Teddy is deeper than the Wrapped Candy flowers pink, slightly blue;

Pretty Me Up is the most close to the pale coral lip, the most transparent nature;

With Me Play is the five color in the color of the most deep red;

Side Dish is recommended to use white purple pink.

(picture @ Bleater makeup information)

Most of the color changes in color, according to their own body temperature and moisture, the color of each person is unique, all the test is only for reference, the reason to buy yo. ^ ^

After reading these......

Only responsible for the use of occasional professional