This summer, and what the turquoise!

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This summer, and what the turquoise!

2016-07-21 03:06:40 340 ℃

From ancient times, turquoise with its unique charm, attracted people all over the world. The annual wear turquoise jewelry, but also self-cultivation. After all, good jade is quite spiritual, as the old saying that jade is identified in the master, will protect the owner, choose a "understand" you turquoise is crucial.

So this summer, you know what the turquoise and? Rainy day and chocolate! It represents a quality suggestive of poetry or painting! Chocolate, on behalf of the sweet romance! That's it. Then the turquoise can also have such a beautiful and romantic collocation!

Turquoise small carved pieces with diamond, the color, the vast!

Thick diamond, emerald green collocation Turquoise carved pieces, the most cool summer!

And match the color contrast and ornament, this match color is generally two color contrast, two kind of lightness difference in color or close to the color of the color contrast. With each other as a foil, the impact is very strong, such as yellow, red, green, blue and white, and so on.If you want to be different, it's a good match. The impact of a strong color, people have a fresh feeling, of course, can bring out their own non - general temperament, as well as memorable and impressive.

But some people love can modify in the above collocation. In elegance in urgent need to show a static nor inflexible tacky feeling, so the color slightly dotted about, we can achieve the effect.

Turquoise is the color of the sky is clear, give a person with deep, calm, rational and cool feeling. The tone is neuter cool color and brightness to a soft feeling, so wear on comparative color choice, especially in the dark background color to present a more lively and it with plain. You can also put her as a all-match king!

Overall pure Turquoise or showing a Yao, blue, or showing a vibrant blue and green, full of extravagance; pure color, wire is uniform and beautiful turquoise ring and shows a natural beauty, and subway lines and background color contrast, bold, strong, highly visual impact. Together with other small jewelry made with the chain is the perfect combination of the clavicle!

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