Do you want the face to pinch the water? Secretly tell you three!

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Do you want the face to pinch the water? Secretly tell you three!

2016-07-21 03:11:46 375 ℃

Lead: Aqua skin is everyone envy, Xiaobian to change a way to share the stay-at-home mom. Xiao Bian also get some experience from the treasure mom, you still envy other people's face it? Face pinch out of the water! Secretly tell you three!

After the birth of the child Lan Lan chose a full-time mother's career, in order to give the child a better company, with a baby certainly not like office workers have their own time to dress up in addition to their own. Every day, the husband came back from work, see no longer the pedal with high heels, face fresh white lips ruddy long eyelashes, a mini dress carrying a packet of youth beautiful figure. See Lan Lan is pale yellow, no gloss, the face from time to time on the face of a variety of pox is not clean. Go home to see Landry again after the husband is not a hug, and despise the eyes.....That morning Lan Lan visit the page to see a sentence (every man said: "I want to put you into the fat, so no one wants you, I want to keep you for a lifetime!" But reality will tell you: it's not a fat man, and he's gone. ) Landry awaken, decided not to else just for yourself to do a fine woman, first from the skin began Landry started looking for a variety of skin care small folk prescription, but find Landry small folk prescription claims a, some said that could be used, people say can not be used. A square beauty tutor at this time appear. Landry in and chat, side by side with Landry said: "Landry skin for a long time did not take care, face water excessive loss of coupled with the skin metabolism is slow skin nutrition supply, accumulation of the surface of the skin aging cutin too much, lock water ability is poor, pores for a long time is not clear, skin zit." Careful analysis of Lan Lan's skin condition. In accordance with the square scheme Landry adjust their spare time at the same time, care also strengthened the conditioning, now skin water let people envy.... also recommended recovery hydrating skin to Landry some auxiliary methods. In order to with the readers share Xiaobian methods to "steal" the.

1 Honey + Banana Moisturizing Mask

Recommended reason: banana has a very good moisturizing effect on the skin to play a role in moisturizing repair. Honey combined to strengthen the effect of moisturizing moisturizing, summer skin into a big oil field, the most needed to supplement the skin's moisture, banana honey mask can alleviate the skin's thirst".

Practice: cooked half a banana, 5 ml of honey. Mash the bananas into the bowl, add honey mixed. After cleaning the skin, talk about a good adjustment of honey and banana mask evenly coated on the face about 15 minutes, then wash with warm water can be.

2 Apple + honey Fumian agent

Recommended reason: apples and bananas, on the skin of a relatively high degree of moisture, add honey increases the moisturizing effect, add moisture to the skin, restore skin angry.

Practice: for half an apple, two tablespoons of honey. Will Apple to nuclear mashed, the honey mixed into it, and then apply on the face for 15 minutes, rinse off with warm water, reoccupy cold water wash again then.

3 pearl + yoghurt

Recommended reason: pearl powder to close the pores, nourish the skin, will make the skin more delicate, moisturizing the skin moisturizing the skin has a certain whitening effect. The combination of the perfect match with the skin to add nutrients to the skin to make the skin moist and elastic (pearl powder to choose a very fine, yogurt to pure yogurt)

From the editor: in the final beauty tutor told Xiao Bian small folk prescription, wonders, but don't know in the recent skin condition does not recommend the use of. Everyone's skin condition is different. The skin can not blindly want water, life we do not lack of skin care products, skin care knowledge. Lack of is that the skin wisdom housekeeper to deal with life in an orderly way to deal with a variety of skin problems. You can be beautiful, but can not be beautiful, beautiful life, beautiful you, exquisite woman square to help you do.

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