Why Korean sister skin is so good? Amazing Truth

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Why Korean sister skin is so good? Amazing Truth

2016-07-21 03:11:51 259 ℃

See the Korean actress makeup really super praise, transparent, shiny. When college students see South Korea, makeup is also very clean. Why Korean sister skin is so good? Below small make up for you to answer.

First of all, from the objective environment, this is a terrible country!

In South Korea will not make-up (and not make-up), not their weight control, tube doesn't live of his mouth were seen as no self-control, no people in the future, such a sister to go to the big company to apply for a job are refuse to be the object.

Followed by South Korea's sister is very focus on self management.

In addition to body size, you absolutely will not see no make-up on the street in Korea sister! So is the Japanese sister. So if there is no makeup makeup makeup on the road, please use Chinese and her! So people are very high school sister makeup! And still Su Yan, Su can not see. Sometimes, South Korea sister get up to wash the face of the first thing must be rubbing sunscreen! Whether or not to go out, rub sunscreen! Even if you do not want to go out to make up, it must be painted eye liner rub sunscreen, sunscreen may also add a whitening ingredients. So even if it is up remover, and they are also white!

Their toilet is called the make-up room, if it is noon lunch break after that time you go to the toilet, you will find all in it. Brush one's teeth! Brush one's teeth! Brush one's teeth! Makeup! Makeup! Makeup! While eating rice, but still is the United States and the United states! Fresh breath!

Because the South Korean meals put chili powder, it is easy to stick in a crack in the teeth is not beautiful! Han and Guomei paper, man is, love sports. 10000 steps every day, as early as the popularity of the! Love the movement of the people we all know, the complexion will be particularly rosy. So those who love sports sister are good and beautiful.

In addition, it is probably the problem of air environment and water quality.

South Korean woman wild herbs eat more, eat less meat. People say drinking water stick, people can gradually become thin, the skin can also sense of good. This is what I have seen!.