A dry and hot in summer, suitable to wear light colors!

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A dry and hot in summer, suitable to wear light colors!

2016-07-21 03:11:58 269 ℃

Dry and hot summer, appropriate to wear light colored, and than easy dirty boring based white, pink color apparently occupied the street shooting half, which most whines pink and super Qinxin Shuiguang blue, two-color crit is most touching, today poster weave over the recent European and American people street shooting, find the most provocative Pink Blue vs, whether it is overall costumes or as a dot, the two color launched a mellow and refreshing "beauty contest". With a fast seal Fanfankan it up......

The best thing you pink

Blogger Hanne Leonie

Fashion blogger Grigule Agnija

Amal Clunie (Clooney Amal)

YouUltra light blue print Qinxin

Fashion blogger Hanne Leonie

Fashion blogger Hanne Leonie

Europe and the United States street beat

Seals Junlai welfare ~ reply keywords.Song Hye Kyo, free to receive the same necklace!!!!!

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