There is a clothes hanger called Song Jia a black sheep called flowers

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There is a clothes hanger called Song Jia a black sheep called flowers

2016-07-21 21:52:47 472 ℃

The director of the domestic romantic comedy "Yao Lu know ramatex, July 15 release date, from the title, the film is repentant the article to his wife Mai Li" gift ", a combination of small Songjia and bobel seem worth looking forward to.

As a result, the bad reviews, watercress score only 5.3.

The straightforward expression of the film's disappointment.

In short, looked at a circle of criticism did not have the courage to go into the cinema.

However, this is not the focus of our day, today's focus is to go to the cinema, it is better to see Song Jia.

From the beginning of the end of June, starring Song Jia as began to travel to the motherland on both sides of the Changjiang River for movie site propaganda. More than ten days of publicity is like her personal fashion show, the gift of the clothes rack to show the most vividly.

So high waisted trousers with a shirt, and neat, little transmission model.

You put your shirt into a skirt, more beautiful than the models.

We don't steal the accessories, cut, always will be just perfect.

Since we have to put a leg, the mortal can't handle style.

We often have such a large picture of her micro-blog that visual sense.

We girls in front of 36 year old Song Jia didn't molimen.

We Weila jeans and a challenge leg limitation, like Song Jia's leg pants with a long, not bad.

Walking clothes hanger.

So in addition to some fierce outside less than the model, with T ratio, is for a long face.

Supercapacitors to calculate a miss is a few days ago debut "happy camp" the body, bring the heroic spirit of the Song Jia and the gentle girl wind repel each other.

You sexy silk sling pajamas inside a white T, a fine drive is installed.

We wear pajamas outside the high difficulty movement is the teacher's masterpiece.

Supercapacitors this set of colorful silk pajamas from New York a new brand pajamas sleepy Jones, $158 jacket, trousers 138 dollars and net-a-porter have been sold out.

Song Jia of sleepy Jones pajamas particularly preferred, Chen Xiao & amp; Michelle Chen wedding, Sonja wore sleepy Jones a Navy Blue Satin Pajamas for dinner.

Tops $159, $280 sold out the same pants.

We know the horse Lu Yao propaganda "Li", Song Jia also through the single sleeves, all threads neatly tied up fashionable.

We according to her recent private listed part of her contraband, feel the flowers to the teacher's fashion spirit and the black sheep of the index.

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