With these to chloasma remedies, such as peeling, no longer do the "spot" girl.

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With these to chloasma remedies, such as peeling, no longer do the "spot" girl.

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In such a look at the face of the era, unconsciously, some MM will find his face on the number of spots, so painstakingly failed to play a good freckle effect, might as well try remedies to treat chloasma.

To introduce the treatment of chloasma remedies before you talk about what chloasma. Melasma is refers to the facial area ranging from the size of the patches, small as a coin size, or butterfly shaped; large littered with face, such as maps. The color was brown or light black, flat on the skin, do not touch my. Chloasma more symmetrical distribution in zygomatic, cheek, forehead, nose, mouth weeks, orbit around the boundaries clear, pressure does not fade, smooth surface, no scales, no itching sensation.

Almond + egg white

First almond soft boiled and peeled, then mashed into a paste, add fresh egg white mixture, made of egg white almond mask, deposited every day one to two times, especially the chloasma on face.

Egg white has the role of white, almond skin or, persist in the use of a period of time can effectively remove the Yellow brown.

Almond Whitening Facial Mask

Raw sweet almond 30 grams, 10 grams of Fu Ling, lotus seed 10 grams, egg white, flour and water right amount.


1, almond, Fu Ling and lotus seeds with a mixer, and then mixed with flour.

2, add egg white, clear water into a thin paste, evenly deposited in the face.

3, 15-20 minutes after the face wash with water, with moisturizing lotion, lotion and other basic maintenance.

Note: almonds, tuckahoe can whitening, egg white can deep clean and compact skin, mix and match after more whiten the skin, delay skin aging.

Walnut milk cream

Walnut meat, milk, soy milk, black sesame, walnut, black sesame seeds put grinding grinding, with milk, soy milk and mix thoroughly, into the pot and boil, add sugar amount, daily morning and evening to eat a small bowl can whitening freckle, and suitable for skin chloasma and wrinkles the skin.

Kidney Coix porridge freckle

Kidney wash chopped, and peeled and chopped yam, rice, coix seed amount of water, with a small fire boil congee, add seasoning seasoning the Dayton eat, has the kidney function of skin, effectively freckle whitening for freckles, dark spots, chloasma, skin.

Hawthorn drink orange peel freckle

The amount of hawthorn, orange peel, water boiled, cool, juice with gauze called with a residue, can go to chloasma.

Sydney Sugar cane juice freckle

Sydney, sugarcane, grapes, honey, will in Sydney, sugar cane, wash grapes stir juice to slag, mixed with honey, bottling spare, morning and evening to eat 10 ml, freckles, chloasma, killo.


With salt and angelica powder, chrysanthemum powder, and then reconcile some white vinegar and water are mixed into a paste, apply on the face there are spots where, next day, enough time, freckle effect very well.

Go to the yellow brown spot tips:

1, to avoid stimulating food.

Spicy food easy to make the skin aging, especially coffee, cola, tea, cigarettes, wine etc..

2, do not have a long time in the sun exposure.

Full face chloasma will look a lot of old, these small freckle recipe, can freckle whitening skin, do not do "spot" girl.

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