36D big chest of Pan Xiaoting, with what stunning 2017 Paris fashion week?

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36D big chest of Pan Xiaoting, with what stunning 2017 Paris fashion week?

2016-11-02 12:22:37 4681 ℃

Invited to attend the top French fashion brand BALMAIN spring summer release

In 2017 Paris fashion week, a new short hair styling debut

Although not actress, but by virtue of the value and strength of the full court

Reporters at home and abroad all the sensation, the embodiment of the fans have their photo

She is nine days after the ball, Pan Xiaoting

Cut out dozens of older hair she, the clothes also have an ulterior motive

A French style shirt scarf BALMAIN work fine

And tailored trousers GUCCI body.

Emphasize the waist curve with the same color of gold lace belt

With MIU MIU crystal inlaid with high heels

Alexander McQueen retro gorgeous Dinner Bag

Leave the field, put on the fashion of Pan Xiaoting

The intellectual and neat, with "new French style" modern woman.

Recently a group of Paris street to take pictures

Is to show the elegance of Xiao Ting's head

This is a vibrant, beautiful, elegant, sexy girl.

Not a star, but more than the actress

Pan Xiaoting used to have a famous "ball touch" foul

The 2013 women's World Snooker Tournament

Pan Xiaoting was lying on the table aiming for the 6 ball.

Because the chest is too big to touch the ball 9, was pointed out that the foul

Also really is no who, the referee is you jealous of somebody else's chest big body good?

In addition to the value of the yen, the body is amazing, Pan Xiaoting is the strength to conquer the world

Only 34 years old, she only used 20 years of timeHas won 10 world titles in his career,A 9 ball games gold medal, national sports conference and the three consecutive Grand Slam record

Nine days after the ball "is worthy of the name"

Later found out that she was such a Pan Xiaoting.

16 years old, she has begun to spend a different youth with ordinary people. 1997 apply for art academy exam, give up the dream of Pan Xiaoting, the first billiard training. Pan dad in order to encourage his daughter, to the world's top champion - O'Sullivan practicing 12 hours a day for the standard strict supervision

So in a secluded billiard hall practice for half a year's time, Pan Xiaoting in Beijing for the first time the game to win, then directly into the field of sports, from Beijing to Japan, from Japan open to the United States to become the world famous "nine days after the ball"

Seems to be the result of Xiao Ting by three points, seven points of training

In fact, there is a point is that she used to focus on the definition of professional spirit

When playing, she will inject the soul into it.

In the face of other numbers and colors of the ball

Xiao Ting abandon thoughts, only focus on the white ball, the selected target, struggling to push

Don't go to see the opponent, not to look at the audience, fully focused on the table

Such a focus and persistence, so that every time Pan Xiaoting from the target closer

Has attracted the attention of everyone.

All said that the quiet person is really suitable to do the professional pool

Then Pan Xiaoting is definitely a "lonely ace"

She once said: "I have always felt that the character can largely determine the fate of.I was an introverted, quiet, strong bones of people."

Recently, Pan Xiaoting was invited, took a brand for the Chinese carAdvertisementslice

A white suit against her aura:

Focus on the eyes of a little white, without fear of the world change

Have to say, the Shenzhou car for Pan Xiaoting shooting is really looking for

In this era of fragmentation of information it is difficult to focus

Only Pan Xiaoting such a personality charm in order to successfully attract the audience's eye

On this one Shenzhou car advertisement soul:

"Only the car, only for the professional"

Focus, let us hear the inner voice

This is not only the strength of the Yan and Pan Xiaoting!