Go to the pool bikinis, you must have a bar? Wrong!

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Go to the pool bikinis, you must have a bar? Wrong!

2016-07-21 21:58:45 382 ℃

Seen supermodels seaside resort soap flakes, empty a heart to the heart of the wave pool, but less of a pair of bikini clad figure, don't worry, bikini outfit this offer:

Flat chest a slight bikinis

No big chest no need to squeeze, uncomfortable; there is no need to cover up, confident. Suitable for flat chested temperament Xiaojian bikini can bring out the youthful vitality of the flat chested girls, but also a good show curve of the shoulders and arms, let you be at ease can also beautiful.

The curve is not obvious back design.

I felt not fat not thin, can not model. Fluctuation curve is illustrated clearly. It doesn't matter, the halter, one of the back is sexy symbol of muscle smooth lines, choose the right swimsuit, can foil you back lines smoother good-looking, attract eye degree is not inferior to the business line.

Waist fat one-piece

Sedentary office people are more or less a bit of fat on the waist. Tried to hide the sister of fat on the waist and a one-piece bathing suit is the best choice for you -- not only cover the meat significantly thin and thick retro style, accidentally shot out of the large feeling is very good.

Body guards a hot bikinis

The last is to pull the hate. If your body guards, do not have to worry about body image issues you can enjoy generous wearing a variety of styles of hot sexy bikini, triangle cup ah, T word pants ah, this time is not the sun more wait for when? To feel envy and jealousy around the eyes of envy.


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